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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

I'm back home!!! Actually Hong Kong's kind of like Singapore, just a lot more cramped and a whole lot more people. So anyway, i'm not going to blog here because i've decided to change to wordpress.

6:01 PM

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogging from my handphone right now. I'm at the hong kong airport waiting for my flight back home! Had quite a lot of fun the past few days. But there were some really funny incidents, like toursists mistaking me for a local and asking me for directions,while a businessman even tried doing business with me instead of my dad. Well,can't upload any photos right now,but i'm going to do it in my next post when i get home anyway.

9:43 AM

Saturday, September 06, 2008


The Man Who Cant Be Moved - The Script

It's been a long time since my last post. Guess i've just been to hooked onto watching 'House'. Well, i find myself getting a little more sarcarstic everytime i start watching that series. But hey, i find his attitude towards life rather cool, though it did get him into trouble with the law.

Stepped out of my house a few times this week at least. Caught '4bia' on wednesday with anston, chris, angel, serene and her friend. I burst into laughter everytime i watch a supposedly horror movie. Don't know why i find the 'spooky-ness' so amusing. Had dinner with hui tien and aetii on thursday. Okay, i am slightly guilty for my very sarcarstic and rather idiotic behaviour on that day. Then i went to school to settle the amazing race registration just now. Ended up hanging out with the welfare comm. guys in the end at the city.

Well, i guess i'm going to rot at home tommorrow doing some packing and watching more of 'House'. Flying off the Hong Kong on sunday morning, which is my dad's birthday present to me. Love you Dad. And he actually suscribed to cable TV after so many years. But he didn't get the movie and sports package. Well, he did give me permission to get the sports package after 4 months if i pay for it. Got a week to watch all the channels though. So my dad's been hooked onto HBO everyday, while i occasionally switch to Football Channel once every few nights when i'm at home. Wonder why he got the other channels when these are all we really watch, other than the chinese movie channels.

Going to bed then. I've been sleeping around 5am the past few days, guess i'm going to fall sick soon if i continue on like this. I actually even feel a sore throat coming up.

3:07 AM

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