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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WOW! It's seriously been some time since i last blogged here. Guess i'm not really touching this blog unless i just so happen to have a little spare time to blog here. But this blog is not dead yet! At least not until i say so. LOL.

School's back. Not very exciting, since this means that my 'o' levels are now even closer. And the best thing is that my school has been so thoughtful this year to give me a birthday present, which is to start the prelim exams on the same day as my birthday itself. Guess this is the nicest present i've ever receiced so far.

Think i'm just going to crap here until my blog song has been uploaded? But i don't know if you people will be able listen to it anyway since i can only get 30-second previews from imeem. Maybe i should upload it to a different website to be played here. But i'm just too lazy to do that. Haha. Gosh, not even half of the song has been uploaded yet-.-

Well, let's see what i can crap about now. Oh yeah. Happy belated birthday to Yuhan. And thank you bo for that wonderful t-shirt you bought for me when you went to Hong Kong! & i had a loooonnng day in school today. Nearly fell asleep in class a few times. Think i need more sleep. LOL. And i need to go gym sometime soon too. Getting out of shape. Might go this friday, but it'll have to depend whether wei xian feels like going. & if he goes, aqua would tag along agian. Haha. Quite entertaining the last time when he tagged along. Saw him struggling with the weights while being so amused with the treadmill. But the best was when he tried using the pull-up machine. Haha. Like so embarrassing-.-

My song's done! Might upload it later! Bye!!!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Starting to get bored again. Just finished Season 2 of Prison Break. Hope the 3rd season comes out soon. Now i shall just see whether i can get House to watch.

Going to Clarke Quay later for dinner. Have no idea what dinner that is. Maybe it's the Indian dinner i was suppposed to have yesterday although my parents ended up going to the food centre near Robert's house to eat because my sister just felt too lazy to book the restaurant -.-.

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