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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PRELIMS ARE OVER!!! Finally. But that means the 'O's are even closer-.- Well, at least i can play for the rest of this week?

Went home straight after today's exam. Looked as though i was so nice, but i was going home so that i could go to the Singapore River for lunch!!!

Went out with my mom after that. Went to the accounting firm in charge of my dad's company's accounts first. Had a fun time chatting with the boss there. LOL. She's a joker, but at least she doesn't speak nonsensical stuff.

Went to Swissotel Merchant Court after that. Waited outside this indian tailor shop while my mom went to the toilet. Then one of the indian tailors came out and said hi to me. LOL. So friendly. Smiled back at him then my mom came out.

Ate until i was very full? Then went back home. Rotted until 5 plus just now, then i thought that i might want to train my heading. Ended up landing on the side of my foot-.- Now i got a twisted ankle. How to play soccer!?!?!

Need to go back to school tommorrow because Mr Izham selected my PE project to be displayed for SLF-.- Guess i'll have to waste the whole day in school then. Hope at least my group members will accompany me? Otherwise i have no idea what i'm going to do tommorrow-.- Typing nonsense. Guess i'll wait until Darren comes online, then i'll play FS with him and finally become a SHOOTING GUARD!!!

8:32 PM

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just left with my geography paper 2 and science MCQ paper!!! But i should be studying my geography instead of using the computer now-.- Guess i'll go study after i'm done blogging then. Not much to blog about anyway.

Just going to leave you readers, if there are any, with this Garfield comic from yesterday's Sunday Times. Made me chuckle when i saw it. Hope it does the same to you! Stay happy always!!!

9:52 PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haven't touched my computer for 3 days. What a record. Haha. Anyway that's partially because my computer is a bit screwed up these few days.

Just had english oral today. Have no idea whether i screwed it up or aced it-.- Anyway i kind of liked the African-American who was my examiner? He didn't sound as bad as how my friends said, although he DID look out of the window once. LOL.

Went to robert's house after that to rot. Rotted quite well there until they all had to go tuition. Then i went home. Reached home at 7 when my tuition is supposed to begin at 7! Didn't go tuition in the end. Met up instead with my brother.

Having my usual nonsensical headache now, plus i've got 2 papers tommorrow, so i shall keep this short. Just want to thank my brother just now for letting me tag along? & i also want to thank girlfriend for my birthday present!!!

11:36 PM

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just saw this funny advertisement on YouTube. Think it's real good. Haha.

Anyway i just got home from school today. Got back my chinese 'O' level results. Glad to say that i've improved, but i guess it's not enough to please my mom yet. Either way, i would say i'm quite pleased with myself since i managed to improve by a whole band, bringing myself from B4 t0 B3! LOL.

Might be going out later to study with Yunheng. But i'm rotting now. Don't know what else to blog about. So i guess i shall just continue browsing through YouTube then. Bye!!!

4:26 PM

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yeah! Finally got my Converse high-cut sneakers. Thanks aetii for lending me your cash for the time-being so i can get my shoes. & that phone repair shop better hurry up, otherwise my e65 can become a dream-.-

Spent the day around Raffles City and Suntec with aetii today. We were supposed to be out looking for a new pair of shoes as well as getting my River Island wallet. But apparently i couldn't find the wallet, so i only bought the shoe. But aetii didn't get anything because he just couldn't find any shoe that he liked.

Cabbed down to Jia Jin's place after that because i had promised to play street soccer with him. Played 2 matches before going home. Feel so much better after playing. It's been a long time since i last played soccer, & it'll also be a long time before i can find time to play again.

ArGh!!! My bloody headache is back. Just took a panadol. Think i'm getting all these because i'm trying very hard not to smoke. My mucus is flowing out like some tap water. Damn. But i'm going to get over it! & i want to wish a lot of people 'Happy Birthday!', & i'm glad that Bo likes the new wallet i got for him! Well, off i shall go to play freestyle. I'm too tired to explain what that is already. LOL.

12:11 AM

Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally blogging after 1 month? Haha. Been busy with my school work. Prelims are so close!!! For once, i' rather my birthday not arrive so quickly. LOL. Finally recovered from my coughing fit. But now it seems like i just keep having these constant headaches which won't allow me to concentrate while i'm studying! Better go see a doctor quick.

Well, on a lighter note, i'm an uncle again!!! My eldest sister gave birth to her second child, Shyane, on 1 August. My mom says she's prettier than Megan. Haha. Well, i'm going to see her on Sunday. Next, i'm finally changing a handphone. Was going to get an N80i, but as i found out today, Yanting uses that phone. And well, being me, i want to use a phone that not many people use, but i also want a phone that can access the internet, so it seems i have no choice but to get the same phone as my brother, which is the E65. Haha. Not much of a choice since my dad is paying for my phone, so it has to be cheaper. & my mom just gave me money to buy my school shoe!!! I'm going to get that pair of Converse high-cut which i've been eyeing for a long time!!! LOL.

Last but not least, i'd like to wish happy birthday in advance to Joshua, Charmaine, Edmond and Bo!!! Haha. Their birthdays arrive back to back. Like so busy. OH NO!!! I haven't gotten Bo his present!!! Don't really know what to get him either. Never mind. Shall go play Freestyle with Darren and Robert now! Bye!!!

8:36 PM

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