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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiz Time!!!

1. How many children do you want?
Ans: Maybe 1-3? depends how my financial status would be?
2. Where would you go if someone sponsors you an air ticket pairs?
Ans: Hawaii? Or Israel?
3. What’s your favourite thing to do?
Ans: Rotting? Maybe just lepak with my friends.
4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
Ans: No. It brings more trouble.
5. If you were given a chance to receive something, what would it be?
Ans: My COC1?
6. Things you can’t live without?
Ans: My bed.
7. What are you afraid to lose?
Ans: My friends and family.
8. If you win 1 million, what would you do?
Ans: There sure is a lot of things i want, but it's never ending, so i'd rather use the money to help my friends and donate the rest to some charity.
9. What do you dream of doing in the future?
Ans: Being some chief engineer?
10. List out 3 good pointc about the person who gave this survey?
Ans: She's....cute, fun-sized, nice to talk to?
11. What makes me happy?
Ans: Seeing everyone happy.
12. What type of person do you hate most?
Ans: "Hate" is a strong word. But i do dislike people who are rather cocky.
13. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Ans: Being able to heal people's pain?
14. Which season do you like?
Ans: Winter. Love the snowball throwing.
15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Ans: The world around me.
16. If you have a girlfriend, will you die with her?
Ans: Yes, if it isn't over something stupid, that is.
17. How do you define 'beauty'?
Ans: I know it when i see it.
18. What is the one thing you want it badly now?
Ans: Help.
19. Whom are you close to?
Ans: My brother, aetii, the SMA people (both from my class and the club)
20. Favourite colour of your world?
Ans: Grey.

Now that i'm done with it, i'm not planning to ask anyone else to do this. But yeah, you could do this if you're interested.

Just back from sentosa anyway. Damn tired, but i've still got to print some stuff. Anyway, i spent the whole of yesterday doing something productive, which is actually finishing my report in a day! And i think that librarian just has something against me bringing my laptop everytime i enter the library. What the heck? I can't use the internet unless it's for research? And i can't put my slippers beside me while i'm doing my work? What about the other people sitting around me doing exactly the same thing? I'm so going to blast back at her the next time.

And there was today. Had real lots of fun. Got myself a little sunburnt? But yeah, had real lots of fun, especially the 'oogling at bikini girls' part to seeing a bra-less china lady wearing a super revealing dress, but definitely not the truth or dare part where my butt got groped. And wenjia, stop pinching my ass!

Going to stop here. Need sleep. But at least i get to skip tommorrow's workshop due to the MPA talk. That means more time to sleep!

11:13 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008


That Thing You Do! - The Wonders

My family's coming home tommorrow! Not only will i not have to sleep alone every night, it also means that i've got some new stuff from my parents! But i sure did have fun over this weekend.

Blogging in my living room with the TV on right now. It's become like my room since yesterday, since i feel that sleeping in the living room is more cooling than my room. Feel like expressing some of my feelings today, instead of the normal ranting of my life.

Throughout this weekend, i've had the opportunity to live alone, something many rebellious teenagers like me might yearn for. Sure, i spent the first day partying with my friends at my place, but i also learned to cherish my family more during these 3 days. Firstly, i would not be able to survive at my current age on my own as there are just too many distractions and issues to settle if one has to live alone. However, it's not entirely impossible to survive on oneself at only 17 years old if one has the self-discipline, which i found out for myself when i tried studying after my friends left. Well, it was not a very successful attempt, since all i ended up doing was just stoning with my ECCT notes held up in front of my face.

However, living by myself sure gave me the chance to think about many things happening in my life too. Besides, i never really did get such a time to think about what's happened in my life. And thanks to my brother, i did finally get some things in my head cleared up.

Well, i'm dead beat from living on my own. Going to get some sleep and see my family when i get home from school tommorrow. For once, i'll admit it. I MISS MY FAMILY!!!

11:38 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008


Yeah, i really still need more, though i just spent the whole evening sleeping. Guess i'm going to go wash up and bathe after this.

Had a whole lot of fun at MEL Camp. It seriously seemed like that was some break from reality. Well, now i know how it feels to live and work at sea, but that's only if i do work on a cruise ship.

Anyway, back to school life. Had workshop in the morning. As i guessed, this lecturer's rather whinny, except that he does help us a lot because he did last week's work for me even though i was away on the camp.

Had applied mechanics after that. Think i really ought to start paying attention in class, but i just wanted to read the book that my sister lent me. Maybe it's also because i was inspired by Usher's faith in God too that i decided to read that book. But anyway, i wasted the rest of the lesson crapping with the people around.

Was supposed to go Queensway with Duwi after ECCT, but i was just so tired i went straight home. Did a seriously embarrassing thing on the train home. Guess what? I fell asleep on the shoulders of a random lady! And it's not like she's some auntie or whatever, i think she's like in her early 20s? Damn, i feel so bad, but she didn't even shrug me off once. I wonder why...

Anyway i went on some retail therapy yesterday. Bought 2 studs and a belt from River Island, Usher's "Here I Stand", The Click Five's "Modern Minds And Pastimes Tour Edition" and a liimited edition Mark Gonzalez Adidas hoodie. Spent a bomb altogether, though i nearly bought my dream headphones too! Guess i'll buy it next month after getting my pay/pocket money again. Okay, i'm going off to get myself more sleep now. Think this is happening because i'm having a caffeine hangover after drinking coffee after every meal onboard the cruise. Looking forward to the party from the 19th-21st! Hope you guys can turn up!
Cool right?

9:14 PM

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