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Monday, October 22, 2007

ROAR!!! 2 more freaking weeks of studying and i'm free from secondary school life! No more school uniforms and i'll be free to do anything i want!!!

But like every good thing, there's also the sad stuff which accompanies it, in this case, saying goodbye to some, maybe most, of my current friends. Maybe it isn't as bad as it sounds because i can still meet up with them as and when opportunity allows, but definately we'll just slowly drift apart. Even when people come into contact with each other, they can even drift apart mentally, such as when the best of friends can even end up ignoring each other over small and stupid mistakes.

Looking on the bright side, everyone will still make more friends as we move on to poly or JC life. Haha. Thinking too much after talking to robert. Well, enjoy this song i posted anyway. Getting a little addicted to the start of the song somehow-.-

11:46 PM

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah i'm supposed to be studying now, but i was just surfing the net when i found this whole bunch of chipmunk-edited songs! They just sound so cool. I remember i love this song because it's like so emo, but now it's even more emo with the chipmunk voice! LOL.

Not going to type anymore, either going to study or blast more of these chipmunk songs-.-

3:15 PM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So darn bored now. I should be studying i guess, but i don't really want to study since i just had my emath and amath papers together with physics paper between yesterday and today?

Went to the library to 'study' just now. Didn't really end up doing anything. And i guess i'm going out of my mind. Actually, i don't really think i am. Because you see, i noticed this girl studying at the library on monday, thought she was quite cute, but didn't really give a thought after that. Then the best thing happened, she sat beside us just now! Got so nervous and all for no reason. Think i made a fool of myself? Even took a photo of her with my phone, but it isn't really clear-.-

Think i'd better start staying at home to study from now on since eric and aetii's exams have all ended? And i don't think it'll work out if i only go to the library to see if that girl's there? Haha.

'O' Level's next thursday!!! Oh NO!!! I feel so unprepared!!!
Yeah, that's her. Don't know which part of her mesmerises me-.-

11:02 PM

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