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Monday, May 22, 2006

hey...finally blogging again...haha...2day in sch got back semester 1 results...damn sucky sia...failed 3 A. math, higher chinese & combined humanities...sigh...+ all da teachers' comments about me were 2 work harder...(but actually every1's comments oso something liddat de ah...)

den robert taught me a new game...haha...quite new like using da chinese chess set play majong...haha...played dat wonderful game when the teachers weren't teaching...

aft sch went out 2 watch poseidon...haha...actually is not really a very interesting show...juz that its a good movie 4 couples 2 watch together...haha...cause da gal can hug da guy when got those dead bodies pop out got this gay in da movie oso...his story sounds quite familar wif some1's...let me tell his story:(actually 1 4got his name...i dun really know any of da characters' name in fact...)
this guy was a rich guy on da cruise celbrating new yrs eve lah...but actually he is quite sad cos da guy he likes nev respond 2 his phone he was on the deck attempting 2 jump overboard when he saw da gigantic he ran back inside...den the ship overturned & blah blah...then this group consisting of a mom & her son, a dad wif his daughter & her boyfriend, a waiter & another waiter's fren + the gay were trying 2 escape...& so the gay started liking the waiter...but ended up having 2 kill the waiter so that he could live...then he fell in love wif the some other waiter's fren who is a girl...but she drowned in the i dunno whether that guy changed or not in the end lah...but i can say from wat i've seen that gays aren't really gays...there is still a part of them which likes girls...they become gays becos they are despo...but he'll meet the right person in the no worries bah...i hope that the person i saying this 2 reads this & stop being angry wif me 4 being straight...

haha...ok lah...dun like so serious...scares even myself...hmm...tmw got a lot of ppl comin my hse...haha...cause the choir de dance coming my hse practise...need 2 go slp...otherwise tmw i dance halfway fall asleep...haha...goodnight!!!

11:29 PM

Sunday, May 21, 2006

dat's my sis & my niece Megan

da NFS screenshot

wah...100 yrs nev blog le...cos got exams den after that i went on 'holiday'..only back exam results...not what i wanted but improved from my CA1...buck up ah!!!

2day bo juz came 2 my hse do choir camp layout...waited da whole morning 4 him but he came @ 2+...-_-"...den did until halfway both of us started 2 slack...went downstairs 2 get ice-cream den we were eating halfway when bo dropped some onto da floor...had bent down 2 pick it up when i actually dropped da WHOLE tub...sigh...luckily i quickly threw everything back inside da tub...den wiped da floor...hope ants won't come...den bo was once again happily enjoying his ice-cream when he realised there was a strand of hair from da carpet in his mouth!!!haha...

aft dat we went on 2 play NFS...den got bored & he took a screenshot wif my hp...its on top...den he went home...

wonder wat i'll do ltr...both my sis & mom are in taiwan...but they're coming back on freedom 4 me sia...

6:34 PM

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hello!!!super long nev blog liao...cos got exam but 2day got nothing 2 blog lor...but 1st got something from gina dat i need 2 do...

1. The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there's no need to do this AGAIN.
5. The most impt rule: HAVE FUN DOING IT.

My perfect lover would be:
[1] happy always
[2] dun scream vulgarities 4 no good reason
[3] some1 who can cheer me up when i kena scolded by my mom
[4] dun scold me stupid, useless or rubbish (cos all da 3 women in my family alr said dat 2 me)
[5] a person who can stand my lame jokes when i got nothing 2 do...
[6] can 4give me when i get angry & scream...
[7] tell me 2 buck up when i'm slacking
[8] lovable & cute!!!
Gender: Female i feel evil...can sabo ppl liao...these are da lucky 8:
Robert, Huangyi the Mam!!!, Bro, Wanling, Xiang Bin, CK, aiya...brain stuck liao lah...i think 6 ppl can liao lah...

haha...but 2day damn lousy day man...physics test still ok...den aft dat went ed's place wif bo & a lot other of me classmates play bball & watch 'the eye'...den went home...aft dat went out see mr lee cos he leaving sch fav teacher leh...den went home liao fell asleep...

had woken up when my mom came home...but my sis tot i asleep den bitch about insulted a lot...brings back memories of when my eldest sis oso bitched about me...why both my sis liddat de???crept 2 my room when they weren't noticing...came down & saw a super long note left by my mom which was full of qns...

was doin my A math when my mom came home...she started qns-ing me...finish liao den when she was walking out, i think she heard me 'screaming' out: "FUCK LAH!!!" she walked back & asked whether i cursed @ her...gosh...tot i was dead...but my adorable pen got no ink @ dat moment, so it saved my life cos da excuse was dat my pen no ink...gotta stop being so vulgar...something wrong wif me...keep sayin those words these days...

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