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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Great Rot-Out

David Archuleta - Crush.mp3 -

Okay, i know it's only the first day, but i have to say it. Holidays are bbboooooorrrrrriiinnnnngggg. Especially when it rains on the day that you promise yourself you're going to train for some future triathlon. I swear my inner tube of lard just grew bigger after all that rotting and eating.

Crap. I just realised how really bored i was today. I spent the morning playing a proper computer game. Can you believe it? I actually decided to be a hardcore gamer. Played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Well, now i feel like buying that star wars t-shirt that i saw at HMV on wednesday. But seriously, being a jedi was rather enlightening. It taught me that love leads to passion, which would eventually lead you down the path to evil. Wow. I didn't know that, so i decided to give a shot at getting into a relationship with the main female character in the game. She's hot okay? Her name's Bastila Shan. But anyway, because i decided to make her my 'girlfriend'(well, sort of, because i only kissed her once from randomly clicking on dialogue options) in the game, she became evil in the end and died after that because being the almightly jedi that i'm supposed to be, i had to kill her. So i only have one thing to say, RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVIL. My goodness. The whole world's evil in that case.

Yeah, that's Bastila, my dead girlfriend.

Grew bored of it in the afternoon, so i decided to research on something since some people laughed about it so loudly on the train. And so i admit defeat. I was wrong to say dolphins are related to dogs, so here's the right information. Well that didn't take up the whole of my afternoon, so i decided to catch the Bourne Trilogy after that. That apparently took up the rest of my day, because i've only just finished 'The Bourne Supremacy'. Was planning to catch the third installment, but i've got to be up early tommorrow to celebrate Teachers' Day with the guys back at Ngee Ann. Hopefully the new principal wouldn't be shaking his head in disappointment when he sees me. I seriously wouldn't want him to remember that gay incident at the airport.

And i think i'm starting to become nocturnal just like my hamsters. I can't sleep at night! Maybe it's due to Violet running on that squeaky running wheel. Right, which reminds me that i've got to get a new running wheel for Violet as well as a brand new cage for lazy Timmy.

1:56 AM

Friday, August 22, 2008


One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

Okay. I know i'm a bit lag again, but i just found out that the Brazil women's football team lost to USA in the Olympic finals due to a very disappointing error and poor refereeing. Anyhow, i'm still a big fan of the Brazilian women's team. Love the way they play. Especially these two ladies.

Cristiane Rozeira de Souza Silva
Marta Vieira da Silva
Now i'd like to see them play against our national MEN's team because i'm quite sure that we'd still get thrashed by them even if we put in our so called 'all-star' team. Why? Because the play from just these two ladies are just amazing. Which of the players in our national team can actually do a bicycle kick the way Cristiane does? Or can any of our 'stars' dribble as good as how Marta does? And guess what? Cristiane's only 23 years old, while Marta's 22.
After seeing them play, i can't wait for my knee to get better. Visit to the sports surgeon at CGH on monday! And i have this weird ambition now. I want to get a hot brazilian girl who can football! And i think Cristiane's hot! That's why she's perspiring. Oh well, never mind me. It's just my head throbbing from my headache.

2:16 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2008


No Woman, No Cry [Tokyo 79] - Bob Marley & The Wailers

I feel old. Oh right. My birthday just passed, so i'm 17. Damn. Wish i was 7 again. Seriously. It sucks more and more as we get older, like somehow we are no longer allowed to think and act the way we wish or we will just be called childish.

Anyway i spent my birthday rotting at home. Didn't go out with anyone as promised, but at least i got this chance to catch up with my dad. And i want to thank the guys for the 2 hamsters, timmy timid and violent violet. Yeah. You guessed it. Timmy's really a coward who's scared stiff of female hamsters, but he's a real sweetie because he's super blur. And he sleeps all day. Anyway, violet's the opposite. She loves human attention, but she also loves to nibble anything and everything when she gets the chance to. Don't worry ain, i haven't forgotten about you. Thank you for the giant paper crane and the keychain.

I want to dedicate this special paragraph to darren for his wonderful birthday gift. Seriously. You want to know his gift? Accompanying me out today to buy sage's birthday present. But yeah, got this chance to catch up with him, though it was just a pathetic 30min before he had to go off to meet alicia. Busy man he is, but i want to congratulate on his 2 years anniversary with alicia which is coming up on the 23rd. Wonder how many people at our age can actually do it like he does.

Well, i doubt i have anything else to say, just want to show serene that my blog isn't in a coma. Actually i was just itching to blog after hearing this song on the radio. Laughed at the title. Then i realised this song's from Bob Marley. Respect man. And this song's to Usain Bolt for winning and beating the world record for the 100m sprint in the Olympics, though the previous world record was only just set by him at the beginning of this year.

9:03 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Prodigal - OneRepublic -

Okay, the title is random. It's actually the surname of this Cameroon soccer player, Gustave Bebbe. What's so cool about it is that you actually pronounce his surname as "Baby". Imagine him introducing himself to some girl with his thick african accent at some pub. Sexy.

I know. I'm supposed to be studying for my Basic Safety Training test tommorrow. But i've just spent the whole day slacking. Well anyway, i had a rather crappy day today.

Had MEK until 12. Wasn't that bad since i was listening to my songs at the corner of the classroom. Decided to hand in my 1 day overdue workshop report after that. Fine, i accept that it's my fault. But it sure was demoralising listening to the lecturer giving you an earful for 30 minutes telling you how lousy your attitude is, that you're a lousy class representative and that he doesn't want your report since it's overdue. So i gave him one of those really pitiful look. Something like this.

Yeah, trust me, i was surprised that my pathetic acting actually saved my butt for once. HE ACTUALLY TOOK IN MY ASSIGNMENT! Maybe it was because my face also had the look like i wanted to tear my report into bits. But he sure did insult a lot more people besides me. Don't worry, i'm not going to let anyone feel like murdering him. And he let me off after giving me 3 intructions: "Eat well, Sleep well, Change your attitude". Well, that sure was enlightening.

Didn't really feel like doing anything after that. So i sent the 2 ladies home. Trust me, i was so bored i took the red line with them.

Reached home to find my dad watching the female gymnastics finals. Wow. They're good. I mean, not just their moves, but their bodies too. Okay, i'm fantasizing.

Watched the olympic soccer matches after that. They were such a bore that even the spectators were boo-ing, the camera man was recording this grasshopper at the side of the field during the match while the referee had to cut the torture by ending the match before the injury time was up. My goodness.

Just watched the 2nd half of the Brazil-China match. Brazil obviously won. They were like playing futsal with a group of violent kindergarden kids. Seriously. They even had time to patch back the grass after they chipped it off. And the China players actually tried doing stepovers in front of the Brazilian defenders. That's like seeing a primary school kid attempting to teach his dad math. I know. It's a random example. But that get's my point across.

Anyway, i'm finally going to study. And guys, take it as i'm begging you. If everyone says they don't want to pay for the chalet because i haven't confirmed the date, there will be no chalet because I won't have any money to book one! Please just bring $20 tommorrow? I'll issue a full refund it anything screws up.

9:47 PM

Monday, August 04, 2008


Broken (featuring Amy Lee) - Seether

After today, i dare say that i'm not so proud of being a singaporean anymore. Okay, maybe that was being mean, but my trip to school today sure was a huge eye-opener for me. And i realised that no matter how well-schooled/educated one can be, some sure don't have much common sense. Maybe schools should add in a new curriculum called 'Common Sense & You'.

Let me give a recount of what happened:

First, i was at the bus stop waiting for the usual bus to come. Fortunately it came fast enough, but all the seats were taken, although there was still ample space to stand. Well, i won't call her fat, just that maybe she's half a head taller than me and her size is proportional to her height? So anyway this secondary school girl boarded the bus just ahead of me, so she obviously didn't have anywhere to sit either. And so she decided to root herself right at the exit of the bus. If it was only her standing, i sure wouldn't mind her hogging that spot. But the thing is that there are others boarding the bus too! So some people had to squeeze past her to get to the back. Having such a big bag, i sure didn't want to cause a commotion by attempting to get to the back of the bus, so i had to position myself right beside her.

Oh well, i had assumed that she would actually sit down when the bus passes that stop where most of the students in the bus would actually get off. But no...she still had to plant herself at that spot. Finally, after receiving many angry glares from those squashed from the entrance to the exit, she RELUCTANTLY budged and moved one step. Yeah, trust me, i saw the reluctance in her face, as though that certain area held some sentimental value to her. But there were so many freaking seats behind her!!! Why can't she sit her butt down? Then came the part where i almost burst out laughing. Having received a message, she proceded to take out her handphone. As you should all know, secondary school students tend to carry a file in one hand, while the other is used to hold on to the seats/handrails for balance. Now here comes the intriguing part. If you're holding a file in one hand and using the other is text someone on the phone, doesn't that leave you with no hands to hold on to anything for support when the bus jerks? So i almost saw a flying handphone because it slipped halfway off her hand while she struggled to grab the railing.

Now, i sure thought this was enough nonsense for a simple bus ride, but the stupidity of some people sure didn't stop there. Let me ask a question. If you get a seat on a super packed bus, wouldn't you be trying to sit in a comfortable position? Well, this lady thought it was quite smart of her to stick her legs outside while sitting. And having such a small space to stand, i definately had to shift my legs when i turned around to get off the bus. Now, it may be my fault for not having eyes behind my back to see where my leg lands, but it sure was her responsibility as well to make sure no one steps on her dainty feet, especially since she was wearing flip-flops. But yeah, women have huge egos, so i got 'tsk-ed' at rather loudly.

So yeah, that was the end of the bus ride. But that's not the end of the story because there's still the MRT ride to school. Now, i always thought it was basic manners to let those who stood at the entrance points first to board the train earlier. But now it seems that the new rule is that those who are good at shoving people and cutting queues ARE THE ONES who actually get to board the train and in the process get the seats first. So yeah, first this auntie proceeds to plant herself right in front of me when the train arrives, then this uncle shoves me to a side just when i thought i could board the train. And he even tried to irk me when he got a seat just by standing in front of the seat and smiling very widely to himself. Fine, i'm being bitter about him sort of 'stealing' what could've been my potential seat.

That's the end of the drama of what happened on my way to school. But now, this disturbing thing finally happened. You see, recently, i've been seeing how inconsiderate some young adults and teenagers can be on public transport. Now, this thought came to my mind some time ago. What if an old lady boards the MRT during peak hours? Would she also have to stand? Or would someone actually give her their seat. Just last week, my question was answered. This old lady boarded the train while i was heading home. Now, all the seats were occupied by either adults or teenagers while everyone standing was packed like sardines. So, in a saddistic yet fortunate kind of way, this old lady had to stand all the way back, but she wouldn't be allowed to fall onto the ground because she was leaning against those around her, or more specifically, me.

But that was last week. Today, something 'better' happened. On my way back, another old lady boarded the train. And as everyone knows, the new trains have their corner seats at each row in a darker shade of colour, implying that these seats are meant for either the elderly, disabled, pregnant women or young children. But the 2 seats at the entrance where the old lady boarded today was occupied by this rather elderly auntie and a guy who looks like he's in his early 20s. Now this guy was either acting blur or he was totally oblivious to the old lady because he was busy pressing the buttons on his PSP. So when the train moved, the old lady suddenly lost her balance and toppled face first like a bowling pin. Funny, and lucky for her, she landed on both the guy and auntie's lap. Now, instead of helping the old lady, the guy actually gave a loud 'TSK' and continued playing his PSP. So the auntie actually had to help the old lady up and give her seat up.

My goodness. What's Singapore coming to? Well, the elderly might be somewhat of a burden to me, but they sure shouldn't be treated in that way. And i'm sort of hoping that guy's a china man, not because i look down on the social etiquettes of PRC people, but i don't want to know that there are such Singaporeans and that guy really did have a china man sort of look. And guess what? When everyone stared at him in disgust, he actually looked up with a face with the expression, 'Why? Did i do something wrong?'

Okay, i've had enough typing out my account on the outrageous things i've seen in public, so i'll just end with a promise to myself. I'm going to bring a notebook to school everyday to actually take notes down after seeing how useful the notebook has been to Ilyas.

7:14 PM

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hard To Say Im Sorry - Chicago

Just back from the movies with Angel, Anston, Chris and Serene. Caught 'Money No Enough 2'. Think it's not that bad? There was even a tear-jerker moment that made me sort of cry. Yeah, laugh about it because now you know that i'm an emotional person.

Anyway, i want to wish my beloved Shyane a happy belated birthday!!! Love you always!!! Grow up faster!!! Got to pay my mom back for her birthday cake though. Yeah. August's here, so that means it's the birthday month for many many people, especially next week. Everyday next week is one of my friend's birthday. Forgive me if i do forget to wish you.

Talking about August, the Hungry Ghost Festival's here again. Not that i don't believe in them, i just wonder why people go all jelly and superstitious all of a sudden just because some chinese believe that this is the time when chinese ghosts are allowed to go on holiday in the human world.

Never mind. I shall not continue babbling about such sensitive topics. Anyway, i've sort of been slacking off this whole weekend. Overslept and skipped school on friday, which allowed me to go on a CD shopping spree again, did the amazing race banner painting yesterday followed by dinner and celebrating Shyane's birthday and then had a buffet lunch @ Holiday Inn and the movie today. Got to study!!! And i actually bought the 'Love On The Rocks' CD that's been advertised on TV! Most of the songs are really my favourites while i was growing up. 'Dreaming Out Loud' by OneRepublic rocks too! Although i don't feel that Mario's 'Go' was pretty outstanding, but what the heck, i got it for only $13 just because of that small crack on the cover.

11:34 PM

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