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Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling a bit bored after reading my chemistry. so i shall blog although nothing really happened today.

Went to school @ 8 today. once again, the people at the bus stop were staring at me & wondering why on earth was i so late for school but yet still looking so calm. haha.

Had english lessons which was spent doing reading & had VL lessons after that. found out my class going to some restaurant to eat next week to learn more about dining aetiquette.

Spent the rest of the day having more lessons & think i'm going to izham's basic & 'elite' soccer training! then had chemistry for EPP & waited like super long to have my chinese oral after that.

Went home & rotted until dinner. watched some stupid variety show on channel u at 8-9. its so lame & sick! got all these aunties dress like japanese schoolgirls who will chase the people & kiss them!!!yuck...laughed until i almost fainted with my dad...haha...

Shall go back studying otherwise i'll die horribly during my test tommorrow. HAHA. jon wants to go out with yuhan after exams since she's so excited in meeting him. shall see her reaction when i ask her after all the tests are

10:42 PM

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Don't feel like sleeping even though i have tuition @ 10 in the morning again tommorrow cause i'm feeling a bit crazy today. hope i don't oversleep on the bus like last time again when i go for tuition tommorrow.

Had choir this morning. Had auditions between sec2s to sec4s. Sec4s won again like usual. Lol...but i don't know why the eldest always wins...haha. having choir with only 1 hour on tuesday, but its from 4.30-5.30, so i can't go home early.

Had lunch with my bro after that. then went to the dog farm where me & bojun cycled to once & where my dad used to bring me & my sister to on sundays when we were much younger. saw many cute dogs!!! how i wish i had a pet dog, but my mom would scream her head off before she would allow having a dog in the house...haha.

Went home after that & played with my baby niece. seems like she has grown up a lot since last week cause she can actually walk much further & she's actually starting to recognise me!!! & i actually had a peaceful conversation with my eldest sister after like 16 years of screaming at each other...haha...meaning that i myself have grown up a little bit...THAT'S GOOD!!!LOL...

Been at the computer ever since after dinner. my mom was screaming at me for not studying, so i decided to read some chinese here a while ago. she just praised me for studying & went upstairs to sleep...haha...but i think i really need to study!!!CA week next week!!!better start studying!!!

12:58 AM

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm in a crazy mood now!!!something's wrong with me!!!but i dunno what's wrong...hahaha

Got caught by Leonard Tan during assembly in the morning for my's like he purposely walked all the way to my class & specially to me & asked me for my earstick lah, not like he can see my small puny earstick from the podium.what a loser sia...

Had lessons which i just dozed through with my eyes open after that, actually i was talking to clement most of the time lah...hahaha. Ended up having to change seats during physics in the science lab cause yuhan & i kept

Managed to drag myself to choir after school & behaved rather nonsensically because i just didn't feel like being in to run off with vincent & charmaine halfway but end up they ostrasized trying to improve my english...haha...but i dunno how to spell...

Ended up skipping the sectionals by running off with gina, andrea & jeremy & played captain's ball with the people from track all the way until 6.

Got choir again tmw!!!But i'm going to stop my nonsense & behave properly tmw otherwise i might as well quit as SL & don't go for

10:03 PM

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yay!!!We beat 4r3 4-3!!!but now edmond just went a step further by calling me scolded by brandon & aetii after the match cause they really thought i solo...rather lazy to explain to them that when 2 people rush @ you from two directions, its rather hard to pass the ball to another player when you're trying to free yourself...& its not like mr edmond koh would pass the ball to me during the match...rather sick of his attitude...he can be like that during school time but @ least can we work together during a match?for the sake of the class?

Shan't talk about it anymore since i've already told myself countless times to just forgive & FORGET...Anyway went t-mall with yuhan & yuanlin before meeting my bro. Talked until rather late then went home...haha...

Found out that Daryl was sick...yet he still played for his class...he's good!!! a headache now & my mom is screaming @ me cause i'm answering back to her screams...haha...

9:58 PM

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy belated birthday to my mom!!!haha...was her birthday yesterday, but my family already celebrated it on saturday.

Went back to school today & felt nonsensical sitting beside darren who became a bit psycho after watching epic movie...clement didn't come school today cause he still on some cruise with his family...but he should be back now...

Skipped EPP to go to Health Promotion Board @ Singapore General Hospital. Took 12 there from school direct & had to stand all the way till aetii's stop then went to the second level to sit. got this nerdy Anglican High boy who sat @ the back beside where i was sitting had the same bag as me, so he gave me a wierd stare before looking out the window. haha...

Took like 1 hour 15 min to get there...fell asleep most of the time...haha...late for my appointment by 6 the same bimbo female dentist again. She once again asked me how come my plate was stuck on my mouth & how uncomfortable & troublesome it is to have such a thing stuck there...then she violently proceeded cleaning my teeth & caused my gums to can still taste blood now...haha...then another dentist beside attempted to flirt with her...think she doesn't quite like him cause the nurse ended up replying him after she pretended to be hard @ work writing on my so cartoon sia...then she told me to go back 6 months from now...

Took MRT back home & met my long lost primary school classmate & sailor Ng Yihan!!!but he doesn't recognise me anymore cause he just looked @ me like a stranger...haha...lazy to approach him since he was with 2 other friends...found out he's in Anglican many of my long lost friends either there or @ Chung Cheng...i dunno how to spell that...

Going to finish whatever homework i can remember & sleep!!!got match against r3 tmw!!!GONNA THRASH THEM!!!ROAR!!!lol...

9:14 PM

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Woo!!!just finished watching Open Season on my com...haha...nice show...i'm the last person awake in my house again!!!

My cousins came to my house this afternoon...but i got woken up in the morning cause my mom screamed @ me & my sis to get up & help to prepare lunch for the big 'party' when my cousins came...but i just really only slacked & cut some bread for the

Turned out only 3 of my cousins came with their family, so we had tons of leftovers which i just ate for dinner...

Think i'm going to rot @ home tmw...feel like going out to watch movie...but my mom wants me to study chinese...haha...goodnight!!!

1:10 AM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!I'm bored!!!But i don't feel like sleeping yet!!!lol...

Woke up @ 10 plus yesterday morning & stayed at home the whole day playing my com until my sis & her family baby niece is a naughty girl now!!!she just learnt the art of sabo-ing people...cause she wanted to play with the mandarin oranges by throwing them around the living room, so i blocked her from the few bags of it. When she realised she couldn't get them, she tried to get me into trouble by pretending to fall down because i pushed her although she was actually just slowly sitting down then lie onto the floor...then she looked @ everyone else & burst out was like "huh?!?!what you?"

haha...anyway gotta go visit my aunt early in the morning tmw, then going back home, but my sis wants to drag me to church cause i got no tuition...i'll think about it tmw...haha...

12:44 AM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LOL!!!The book 'the five people you meet in heaven' is so GOOD!!!This is the 1st book that i actually cried after reading it because its so powerful that it touches you @ the book i planning to read is 'tuesdays with Morrie'!!!but now i'm going to continue with Eldest...

Feeling Loci test tmw!!!& i don't understand any bit of it!!!haha...too bad

Mrs Lock told me she heard about my higher chinese after choir today...she said my results is not only bad for my reputation as SL, but also bad to the whole she told me to work hard...haha...yeah, don't worry...i just a bit bored of higher chinese since sec2 only...but now i cannot slack anymore also...sian...shall end with a part of the book:

LOVE, LIKE RAIN, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes, under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to the roots, keeping itself alive.

Haha...reminds me of a bit of geography...but its rather true lah...although some people would not see the point where the love is really hidden below @ the roots of the relationship, thus feeling that their BF/GF does not care about another nice part of the story also!!!

PEOPLE SAY THEY "find" love, as if it were an object hidden by a rock. But love takes many forms, and it is never the same for any man and woman. What people find then is a certain love. And Eddie (the main character) found a certain love with Marguerite (his wife), a grateful love, a deep but quiet love, one that he knew, above all else, was irreplaceable. Once she'd gone, he'd let the days go stale. He put his heart to sleep.

Think i'm getting a bit crazy cause its Valentine's day tmw...better stop before i type the whole book

9:30 PM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello!!!I'm BORED!!!lol...stayed at home the whole day...probably the reason why i'm feeling a bit crazy...haha.

My sister's friends came over again today to do their project...decided to steal their internet bandwidth by using the com as well while they were working...haha...then my sis complained to my mom when she came home...

Went out to play soccer @ 5.30...saw big leonard there together with dominic & his recognised me cause i was wearing NAS pe t-shirt...then they just grinned @ as defender...then my faithful boot of 1 & 1/2 years tore at the bottom...sian...means i need to get a new pair of boots!!!got a blister on each foot trying to pace shafik's side...especially dom's friend who had tattoos on his right shoulder...didn't dare tackle him roughly at first cause i thought he might get pissed off but turned out he's quite a fair player...haha...

So history test tmw & chem test on tue...haven't studied for any of them yet...haha...still need to finish the chem holiday homework!!!lol...better start studying soon!!!

10:23 PM

Friday, February 09, 2007

Feeling a bit sad now...cause i got back my chinese o level a i have to drop my higher chinese...sian...not because i like it, but because i have taken higher chinese since i was in primary i got the lowest among all the higher chinese people in my level...

Saw a lot of my seniors back @ school today...saw many sad & happy faces too...haha...mam got the same score as my sis...good luck to her...had choir sectionals after that where i stupidly tripped over the already falling apart AC adapter & snapped the

Valentine's day is next wednesday!!!so fast!!!lol...but i think i'm just going to rot the day away in school then go home after that...almost the same thing every year for me...haha...rather used to it already...but i don't think i'm going to get anything special for anyone this year as well since there is no 1 to give presents to...haha

N-league's starting next week!!!& the 1st match is already against the defending champion which is 4r5...sian...good luck to my class then!!!

11:21 PM

Monday, February 05, 2007


Sheesh...i feel like plucking my stupid nose off...been sneezing continuously for the past eyes can barely open...i can't do my homework!!!!!!& they are due tmw!!!!plus i need to study for my chemistry test tmw!!!!!!i dun feel like going school tmw!!!!


9:39 PM

Yeah!!!finally finished the loci project with darren & printed the history content page...but so late already...luckily, i only need to go school @ 8 tmw & have people from my neighbourhood staring @ me wondering why on earth i'm not rushing when most schools have already started lessons...haha...

Ended up taking bus28 all the way to Bishan just now when i was supposed to get to darren's house which is @ kembangan...just sat there knowing i was getting further & further away from darren's house yet i continued sitting on the bus...think i'm becoming retarded...haha

Singapore won Thailand 3-2!!!i saw the 1st goal @ darren's house...he was happy when he saw the goal because the scorer's jersey was 23...shan't say why...haha. But i was walking past some house near mine on my way home when i heard the 2nd goal...the whole family was like screaming GOAL!!!then the old grandmother sitting outside shouted 'SIAO!!!' at her family so cartoon lah...but it was KHAIRUL AMRI that scored!!!because for the last few matches i kept seeing him miss valuable chances but now he scored @ the crucial moment!!!PLUS HE'S JERSEY NUMBER IS 19!!!haha...yeah...

Think i'd better go sleep soon before i get more sick & retard...also have to get my own computer repaired soon!!!gotta check out the monitor repair prices & new monitor prices!!!Valentine's day in 10days!!!haha...who wants to be my date?lol...

12:12 AM

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feeling so much less confused now...maybe because i'm dead tired from all the training at the gym with JL where i ran like dunno how manykm on the treadmill & lifted like 30+kg wieghts...& also maybe because i just spent the whole night & evening talking to my bro about my problems...

Guess i'm just have to stop being so emo & start thinking good thoughts since it might really just be me thinking too much & too negatively...but my mom's being super nonsensical now...she just scolded me for studying until so late yesterday & playing until so late today...super dun make sense lah...tnnothen i tried telling her about the poly course i'm aiming for, then she starts telling me i'm just not good enough to enter that course...

Shan't care about her & her screaming'll only make me more emo...then i'll be back to how i was when i was in sec2...cannot!!!sec4 liao!!!muz study!!!hahaha

11:21 PM

Super bored...going out soon to meet JL to go gym when i usually don't even go gym...shall just see what's

Feeling rather confused these days about my friends...don't really know who's my real true friends or just people who just are waiting for a chance to make use of me for their benefit...sigh...time shall tell...

Borrowed my bro's laptop for the moment so i can still use the internet...thanks a lot!!!well...he confirm is a true friend...but who else?

Did CIP yesterday & today...went to the HDB blocks around the school to distribute flyers saying we were coming to collect newspapers and old clothes ytd, collected them today...super tired

My bronchitis is getting worse by the moment...why!?!?i just wish it goes only 2 directions:
1) Get better and let me be a healthy loser again...
2) Worsen until i enter the hospital, get lung cancer & die...
because i just cannot stand being sick but still being well enough to do what i normally do...sigh...think i'm super confused about my life and the people around me still...

1:19 PM

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