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Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Addicted to Maroon 5!

Yeah, i'm still blasting Maroon 5 songs whenever i'm on my laptop or PSP.

Anyway, i just came home from my SMAC FO Orientation Camp yesterday. Try spending 4days and 3nights without your handphone. Wasn't really a torture to me, but you should have seen how desperate some people got just to make sure they could hold onto their own handphones. But i definately had a whole lot of fun there. And i made lots of friends too! Hope to see them again and meet more people when school officially starts!

So i spent the whole of the morning today at SGH. First i went to SDC for my dental consultation. Then i had to have an x-ray on my mouth. Turns out that i had to take another because the dentist couldn't figure out whether i had extra teeth growing between my canine and incisors. And so it turned out that i do, so now i've got to have an operation to remove not just the 4 wisdom teeth, but also that extra tooth. Would cost like $1000? Bloody expensive business just to remove parts of my body. Anyway my operation's scheduled for the 18th, but i'm also going to be informed if SGH can shift it earlier because i'm such a nerd that i don't want to miss lessons in school!

Well, seems like i'm going to spend the rest of my next 2 weeks rotting since i've quit working and school hasn't started. And Maroon 5 actually had another CD release late lest year titled 'The B-Side Collection'. Wonder whether i can get it here. But first, i'm still going to get 'Friday the 13th Live'. And The Click Five are coming down to perform in June. Going to get the tickets to the show!!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Live Maroon 5!

Whoo!!! Just came home from the Maroon 5 concert! Soooo coooooooool! And i'm still hooked onto them so much that i'm blasting 'Songs About Jane' in my room now. Hope they would be performing here in maybe a year's time like The Click Five? Yeah, going to start saving for their concert starting from now, which means bye bye to my Topman jeans, but i'm still going to get my Ripcurl bag! And could some kind soul listent to Class 95 tommorrow from 7 and help me hear whether Glen Ong or The Flying Dutchman calls out the number 11459 or 11460? If they do call out one of these numbers, please tell me and you would be very generously rewarded! haha. It's actually some lucky draw thing that would allow me to get $2800. And i would most likely get 'It Won't Before Long' tommorrow if i'm free.

Anyway, my bloody wisdom teeth are sprouting out real quick now, so i actually have a walk-in appointment for my dental check-up at 8a.m, meaning i'll have to be late for work since my shift starts at 10a.m. Hope they don't extract the tooth immediately, at least give me some day surgery on a later date.

And i'm actually blogging from my brand new laptop! It's so powerful! My lag time in FreeStyle has been reduced so much that robert is actually regarding me as a challenge now-.- Not playing it today though, since the FS server is screwed up tonight. Goodnight then!

1:02 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'll have to wait till next week to get my laptop. And i'm already booked for the whole of next week! I've got my scholarship interview on monday, Maroon 5 concert on tuesday, work on wednesday and my orientation camp for the rest of the week till sunday. Seems like i'll have to cancel my volunteer work for next week then. Feel so exhausted just thinking of next week.

At least i could rot my way through today. Woke up at 12pm, checked out the place for my interview, went for lunch with my mom and finally did my volunteer work. Starting to get used to it. And it's getting quite fun too! But i've agreed with the family service centre not to expose any of it anywhere, so i won't be saying anything here.

Well, busy days coming up! I've got work later at 4pm-closing, then i'm helping out at Yellowlight on saturday, and work at TSS again on sunday before the rest of my killer week. Looking forward to 25th!!! Hope my 24th goes super smoothly and i get to apply for my SAIL scholarship even? Even gotten myself a super loony haircut just to prepare myself for the interview, but apparently my whole family thinks it's too potty. Don't know what else to blog since this post was supposed to be yesterday's, but my com crashed halfway through, so i gave up and went to bed. Seems like i lost all of my impulse to blog.

1:42 AM

Monday, March 10, 2008

My VERY OWN laptop!!!

Relax, i haven't gotten it yet. But i'll be getting one soon enough because i need it for my poly course! Yeah, but there's still so much stuff i've got to do for my poly registration. It's like so screwed up.

Things at home got a little bad over the weekend, especially the distance between me and my dad. First, we argued over the choice of the laptops, then had a very big quarrel when i was doing my poly registration online at midnight. Then there was the argument just now, when i accidentally burned our supper because my dad gave me the wrong instructions on using the new microwave, which also acts as a steamer. Something's wrong, because me and my dad don't usually quarrel. And this time, it's actually my mom siding me.

Sigh, shouldn't brood over it i guess. Would only get me emo. Anyway, i'm quitting my job for good at the end of this month because Singapore Polytechnic actually doesn't allow their students to work. Which also means that i wouldn't have to take my Soupaholic test! But i would miss all the guys over at Soup Spoon Paragon. Really learnt a lot while i was working for the past 3+ months?

Think i'll go sleep now. Hope my pay comes in tommorrow, then i'm going to get the Maroon 5 tickets, yes Victoria, i know you're rushing me to get them, as well as my Nike Free 7.0, as well as paying all my debts and bills!Goodnight and enjoy the song! It's 'All These Lives' by 'Daughtry'. The song's been stuck in my head when i was working for the past few weeks!

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