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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy belated 16th birthday to Aetiiqcaz!!!

Just got home after having a double movie marathon @ my bro's house. watched behind enemy lines 2 & the guardian. super tired now, especially my eyes. going to sleep soon. but i was impressed by 'the guardian'. thought it was going to be a stupid ashton kutcher movie but it turned out to be quite an interesting & touching movie that almost made me cry in the end. hahaha.

Had a boring day at school anyway. spent the day mostly sms-ing & talking to the people sitting around me in class. got choir tomorrow!!! need to sleep early so that i'll have energy otherwise i'll fall asleep during choir standing up again!!! lol...

Oh yeah...changed my blog song anyway. changed it because i think this song sounds quite nice after i heard my sis playing the song on her laptop.

10:26 PM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sian...fallen sick again...didn't go to school today because my whole body just felt so weak that i couldn't even walk from my bed to the toilet.

Mrs Pong called just before i woke up & my mom picked up the call. my mom told me later that she called because she thought i deliberately wanted to skip school. haha...i love school lor,so why would i want to skip school?

Went to the polyclinic after that & wasted 90min there just to get an MC, cough syrup, throat lozenges & panadol. went home & took my medicine & before i knew it, the panadol knocked me out the whole afternoon...sian.

Think i'm going to sleep somemore after this & hope that i can go to school again tommorrow!!!

7:08 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sian. school holidays are over, so i need to get up @ 7 tomorrow for school. @ least its 7, not 6. most likely going to get scolded & punished too since i left my comprehension book in school when darren says there homework in there. sian again. haven't done my history & the rest as well since i was hardly @ home to do my work this week

My Week:
monday - soccer match in the morning, went out to repair my w550i & buy bbq stuff
tuesday - choir & bbq
wednesday - n-league elite training & choir
thursday - watch movie & aikido
friday - choir & went out with jon & james @ night
saturday - tuition in the morning, spent the afternoon @ parkway, slacked @ night
sunday (today) - sleep, do homework, play soccer, slack.


Oh, & i got back my W550i! but i still have to spend more money to buy myself a pair of soccer boots. mercurial vapor I!!! it costs $134.90!!! lol. need to save like $90 & trade in my E730. or i can get tiempo for $10+, together with my trade-in & darren's $30 nike voucher!

9:51 PM

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just got back from aikido & bathed. Been rather busy this week. Spent the whole day out today.

Went out @ 11am to meet victoria, jinli (who is my long lost primary school classmate) & jinli's cousin. Met them @ somerset mrt then went cineleisure to see which movie we should watch. Ended up choosing Music And Lyrics because The Pursuit Of Happyness was too late while the new Rain movie was NC-16.

Watched till like 3+ then took some cartoon neo-prints. jinli & her cousin left after that to study, so victoria & i just went walking all over orchard. 1st we went to toys' r' us & walked around the whole place, including the baby products section. A lot of people started staring at us when we started examining all the baby food & Went Havelock Place after that, then went takashimaya where she bought some birthday present for her friend.

Went home after that. Slept on bus2 all the way back until i missed a stop. hahaha. Walked all the way home after that. My mom started screaming @ me again the moment i stepped home, but i just walked into my room.

Went for aikido after that & my mom continued her 'talk' while driving me there. I could actually mouth out what she was going to say even before she said it out. Then had aikido after that.

Going to have choir workshop @ Nan Hua from 11.30am all the way till 4+pm. Feel like going out after that but i can't find anyone to go with me...hope i find someone soon...

12:50 AM

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"The Rest Of My Life"
I fell asleep last Saturday
Underneath polluted skies
I walked alone on those Jersey nights, and I
Saw the boardwalk start to fall
The emptiness starts to drown
The quiet corners off this town, and I...
Late last night, I made my plans
It was the only thing I felt I could do
Said goodbye, to my best friend
Sometimes there's no one left to tell you the truth
It's gonna kill me... The rest of my life
Let me apologize while I'm still alive
I know it's hard to face all of my past mistakes
It's gonna kill me for the rest of my life
This is my all time low
Somehow it feels so familiar
Somehow it seems so familiar
I feel like letting go
And every second that goes by
I'm screaming out for a second try
Said goodbye, to my best friend
Sometimes there's no one left to tell you the truth
It's gonna kill me... The rest of my life
Let me apologize while I'm still alive
I know it's hard to face all of my past mistakes
I've got to live with them rest of my life
This is the mess I've made
These are the words I can't erase
This is my life support, shutting down, for the final time
And it twists like a blade
And kills me for the rest of my life
If you won't forgive me
The rest of my life
Let me apologize while I'm still alive
I know it's hard to face all of my past mistakes
It's gonna kill me for the rest of my life...

11:54 PM

Feeling much better after sleeping @ 11pm yesterday. But i still felt a bit sick this morning, so i think i irritated clement & darren with my crazy attitude. Sorry to anyone i pissed off today...

Was even crazy during e-math. Kept shouting 'NO!' when mrs pong kept asking us to do a question, but luckily she's super nice, so i wasn't punished. Then i have no idea what i did for the rest of the day other than talking to everyone.

Had lessons all the way till 2.40pm. Then i rotted with bo in school until 3.30pm when choir started. Was half asleep throughout choir, but mr yong only caught me when i was already awake & scratching my

Watched 4r5 vs 5c2 2nd half & 4r5 actually won 3-1!!! Lol. Think they're going to be champions again this year. But my class is going to catch up!!! Went to book BBQ pit for choir after that.

Had dinner with my dad @ Loyang Point. Then i finally got myself to actually sit in my room & do some homework & flip through my geography textbook. Then i used the computer. But my mother, who only just reached home, just bloody screamed @ me for using the computer the whole night...i'm like WTF lah...sian. Then now she's screaming @ me for not telling her my marks for all the tests when i already told her like @ least twice. Really do feel like screaming back @ her but i shall just hold back my anger. Freak man...really feel like i'm going to burst soon.

11:28 PM

Monday, March 05, 2007

Just changed my blogskin. Think that the pac-man one doesn't quite suit my mood anymore.

Hope i stop thinking so

9:18 PM

Feeling very sick & tired now. Maybe because i played soccer just now in school. Maybe it might be other things. Feeling a bit crazy & depressed as well.

My mom fetched me to school today since she was feeling rather nice this morning. Rotted in school until flag raising. Had physics lesson after that which i think i just talked through the whole lesson.

Had VL after that & continued talking as well. Then went for recess which i spent rotting. Went back to class for chinese lessons after that. Found out that i got lowest in class for the chemistry test while i failed my chinese. Sian.

Read clement's bones & that was when i felt a bit wierd from then on. First i knew that he is super troubled over many things, then suddenly i have no idea why i felt a sudden emptiness & loneliness inside me which just kept bothering me from then on, even until now.

Had a headache & practically slept through history lessons with my eyes open where leonard tan just played some mao zedong documentary.

Went for the field trip around kampong glam to eat @ a malay restaurant. Slept the whole way there on the bus & woke up feeling a lot better since my headache was no longer that bad. Ate the food happily after that & went back to school around 3.

Played soccer with clement, eugenia, amalina & aetii until 5+, then watched the 4r3 vs 4c1 match where 4r3 won 5-2 because jon scored 5 wearing my shoe!!!lol...

Rotted in school until like 6.30pm with big leonard trying to find a PE teacher to return my ez-link. Finally found mr wong & went home.

My mom just found out about my chinese marks during dinner just now. She got a black face immediately after hearing it. Then she started shouting @ me even though i was seated directly across her. Told her don't shout in my super low & tired voice repeatedly. Guess what? I think that it sounded quite threatening, since she decided not to talk after that. Haha...

Feeling a whole lot of emotions now, such as anger, loneliness, emptiness inside me & a bit of depression, together with my headache. Sian. Think the anger came from what edmond said to blame darren, while the rest came after clement. Think i might end up crying like an ass later. getting emo again...

8:17 PM

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm so bored!!!haha. did pe project @ my house today with darren, yuhan & huitien, but yuan lin came as well. had ultimate chaos @ my house for quite some time after that. lol.

Hui tien & yuan lin went home @ 4, so i sent them to the bus stop & left darren & yuhan alone in my house. felt rather insecure. haha. then sent the two of them off after that @ 5+. felt super lonely after that since my house became so quiet. fell asleep watching tv until 7.30. lol. then ate dinner & rot here le...

Feel like my class is getting a bit fed up over a couple, even their best friend is getting very troubled over them. hope that they'll finally realise that i do not bear any grudges against them & i really do care about them. but given their brilliant attitude towards me now, i really do feel like blowing up sometimes. just want to tell them that if this does not stop, some people are going to get hurt & betrayed.

10:49 PM

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