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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not quite true actually, this blog isn't dead, it's just that i'm not updating it-.-

But anyway, today's my 5th day in jurong. Nothing much to do actually, other than using my brother's laptop and playing with my 2 nieces when they're not sleeping nor eating.

Going over to Pasir Ris later for my aikido lessons, then i'm most likely staying over at my brother's place? Going off to buy my Cheap Monday jeans together with that shirt for prom tommorrow?

Well, nothing else for me to talk about since i'm so bored here, so i guess i'll go find something better to do=.=

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yeah, you're right. I'm so happy with the fact that i've finished my 'O' Levels that i've more or less forgotten about this blog. But it's alright since nobody reads it?

Done a whole lot of stuff since the end of my geography paper 1. I've straightened my fringe, cut my hair, decided what i shall wear for the prom night, packed my stuff and gone to a barbeque. 2 rather eventful days so far.

Have no idea what i'll do tommorrow, but i'll most likely be helping my dad with his office work since he's already sold his company. Need to move some of my house furniture out as well since i'm moving to Jurong on Sunday. New experience i guess. 16 years in the east and now i'm moving to the west for a month. Have no idea who i'm going to interact with there other than my family, my brother-in-law and my two nieces. But i guess that will be an ideal time for me to continue with my workout. Planning to swim every morning, cycle cum explore the neighborhood in the afternoon, then have some family time at night if i'm not going out. My mother actually doesn't care if i stay over at someone else's house now. Wow.

Well, think i'm going to continue rotting tonight before i sleep. Most likely going to sleep downstairs since i'm too lazy to change my bedsheet.

11:54 PM

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