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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just came back from suntec...had gone out with zax,JL & 2 of zax's friends.went to TM @ 1st cause zax wanted to buy clothes, but we ended up having lunch @ century before going to orchard...went to hereen to walk...then went far east plaza walk...then went back to wisma to meet zax's friends...then while they went subway @ cineleisure to have dinner, me & JL went to Super Cuts to have our hair cut...cost me $22!!!but now my hair still can lah...haha...but JL say his hair super sucky i think is still can lah...just that he needs some time to let his fringe grow...then me & JL went Long John to eat...realised we were broke & borrowed $$$ from zax...owe him $10 now...then we went suntec

Purposely got ourselves lost form zax & his friends...then we went carefour to wreak we checked out how fresh their fruits were before meeting them @ Mac...saw valerie @ the cafe...then JL did something stupid like waving a big HELLO to her when he doesn't even know there & talked until 11...then we took train back...

Had a fun day but i have no idea why i'm having a super massive big headache...think i better go sleep soon...tmw still got tuition when i haven't done mr lim's night!!!

1:16 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!!!I love my blog song now!!!heard it when I was attending church today...going off to watch love actually with my sis & dad now!!!BYE!!!

9:59 PM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hey!!!its the eve of Christmas Eve, so i'm already on holiday mood!!!Plus my sis getting baptised tmw, so i'm too lazy to blog!!! but i did my english blog which is homework, so if u want to see wat i wrote, go to

10:31 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finally!!!i finished reading the story book which is my higher chinese homework!!!after like 2 months of attempting to read it by bringing it everywhere with me including to shanghai, i finished it!!!but the ending was a bit sad cause the main character's whole family like his wife, daughter, son, son-in-law, grandson & 2 parents all died...almost cried a few times while reading the

Had 2 tuitions today...the 1st was e math @ orchard in the morning, then in the afternoon was my a math tuition @ mr lim's tired of math...

I'm going to be an uncle again!!!my big sis is pregnant with a baby again when my neice is not even a year old!!!haha...i hope the baby will be a boy!!!going to sleep...still got tuition tmw...

12:44 AM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 nothing to do...the bloody ps2 keeps hanging, so i can't play...sian...been 1 week since i came back from shanghai le!!!i miss nice(actually that isn't the reason...haha)...but i like the weather there...lost contact with every1 who was there except for boon chuan...sian...

Got to wake up @ 8 everyday cause i got tuition @ lame...go orchard not to play but to study...think i'm going to sleep...

4:22 PM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In nanjing now...just sat on a 5+hr bus ride from 1 conclusion to make about female tour guides there all v chio...haha...but i didn't manage to get a photo of mine...

Got a crappy main tour guide who alughs @ his own jokes & acts a little

Going to sleep to wake up @ 6.30 tmw...hope the class chalet went well & that julian takes good care of bert's ps2...haha...goodnight & dun lao sai!!!

11:21 PM

Friday, December 01, 2006

Super sleepy...just came back from choir camp this afternoon.i think the choir liked it!!!& its was super fun although i went a bit nuts this morning.the whole choir comm a bit very sleep deprived but i think i'm the worst...didn't sleep @ all throughout the camp...except for half an hour this morning when i got a headache after being so high that i laughed to myself for no reason...

Choir comm got new 'motto', which is 'dun lao sai'...haha...said that to the whole choir until a bit siao already...even called aetii last night during the camp to tell him dun lao sai...haha...

Got the myophia project thing tmw morning @ 10 @ tns...going back to see wat happened to my pri. school...haha...& also be blind for a few days!!!then going shanghai on monday!!!

Going to sleep energy le...slept the whole afternoon but still so tired...

11:19 PM

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