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Monday, September 24, 2007

Another week closer to my 'o's!!! Still not really studying. But at least i will study a bit when i go back to school tonight just because i don't feel like staying at home? Anyway i finally found the Timbaland song featuring She Wants Revenge. Think the song's super nice. It's called 'time', something which i think i need now to study-.- LOL.

Slacked yesterday anyway. Was playing freestyle with Darren, Robert and Aetiiqcaz until like 3am on Sunday morning? Then i had a real disturbing dream and woke up at 8.30am-.- Slacked in front of the TV and ended up watching Spongebob Squarepants with my sister when she woke up and decided to skip church because the sky was like super threatening. Had my brunch and rotted in my room until 1pm. Waited for Aetiiqcaz to be done with his business before meeting him at Tampines interchange to study. Studied a little at the McDonald's there until 5.30pm. Come to think of it, maybe we should have studied at Starbucks instead-.- Well, anyway, Yun Heng helicopter-ed us, giving Aetii the strong urge to go play soccer. Thought that since Jia Jin would most likely be playing too, we cabbed down to Marine Parade-.-

Reached at 6? Then we realised that he wasn't playing there-.- So we spent the whole hour walking around the area between Tao Nan and Ngee Ann Primary. Still couldn't find them after that-.- Got so damn tired i 'collapsed' on some random bench. Then we ended up playing pool at Parkway. Think i won him if we played by the rules since he hit the 9-ball in before whacking the rest in? But anyway he claims that we drew 5-5. Went home and ended up watching Constantine again-.-

Here's my proof that i'm a good pool player-.-

Yeah i know, you chalk the stick and not your hands-.-

3:46 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yeah, it was Akon's song that 'inspired' me to write this post. But i really just want to say out every single problem that's in my mind now. So i just want to say sorry to everybody for all the things that i have done or have not done.

In fact, i would like to specially apologise to these people.

To Victoria, i'm sorry if i wasn't there to show enough care for you. I'm sorry if i didn't seem to love you enough sometimes. I really hope that we can still be friends.

To Yuhan, i'm sorry that i went a little overboard rushing you to return me my money last week. It was because i really needed the money, while my mother was screaming at me everyday for lending other people money due to what my father did in the past, where he lent almost a million to his 'good friend' who then disappeared with the money. I'm sorry that i got so desperate that i accepted wei xian's offer to ask terry for the cash instead. And i'm seriously sorry if you think i didn't have any right to ask him. I'm not expecting you to read this, but i just want to write out what really happened at the very least.

To Yanting, i know this is like one year later, but i still have to apologise if i really did hurt your feelings.

To my brother and my family, i'm sorry to say this, but i really do smoke, although i dare say that i'm not addicted to it. I also want to apologise if i do seem a little irritating at times when i just insist on looking for you just so that i can gain something, whether it's something material or just a piece of information.

To all my friends whom i dearly appreciate and care for, i'm sorry if i seem a little annoying and irresponsible at times. I'm also sorry if my words are a little hurting at times, it's only because i just want to let you know what's going through my mind. I'm sorry if i have disappointed you in any way that i have not noticed or bothered.

It's okay if nobody reads this post out, but if you do, i seriously hope that you'll accept my apology because it really means a whole lot to me. But if you do not wish to forgive me, i can understand because i'm not really as nice a person as i want myself to be. In fact, i realise now that i'm nowhere near the person i want myself to be, but actually becoming the opposite of who i want myself to be.

5:14 PM

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow! Guess what the DJ said on radio that day was true indeed. She said that it's like whatever song that has been into contact with Timbaland would be like turning it into gold. Was sleeping with my radio on when this song woke me up. Instantly fell in love with it. Haha. This is what i call love at first sight, although it isn't really sight but hearing instead.

Well, glad that i woke up now, so at least i'll have no excuse for myself if i'm late for tuition later-.- Better start preparing for the lesson later. Can't decide whether i should get my tutor or Mrs Pong to teach me the amath vectors.

REMEMBER TO BLAST THIS SONG OUT!!! But it's alright if you don't like it. One man's meat is another man's poison. I understand. LOL.

5:44 PM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Okok. Enough is enough. Maybe i'll go study now-.- LOL.

4:12 PM

Yeah. That's the morale of the story. Don't try this at home. & you'd better listen to it. Because i ended up getting stabbed in the back, yes, pratically stabbed in the back, by this sheet of metal when i tried acting like a monkey by jumping around the house yesterday-.- Got this 2cm long cut down my back now? Think i'm going mad. LOL.

Anyway, as you can see, i'm rotting at home with nothing much to do. I know i should be studying right now, but i once again just can't find any motivation to study. Would end up blasting my emo songs when i study, then i'll become emo-.- So i'd rather be using the computer & blast my rock songs. Having fun blasting all my Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte songs now.

Tommorrow's the start of PPP (Post Prelim Preparation programme)-.- But at least i'll be released from school at 12 even though my lessons might end at 10? Don't know what i'll do while rotting in school though. Better stop crapping here.

2:54 PM

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm 10th in class!!! Like so surprising after i've spent my whole secondary school life getting the bottom of the class for exams-.- But i don't think i did really well? Guess i've still got to work even harder this month for my 'o' levels.

Went out with girlfriend in the afternoon to watch lindsay lohan's "I Know Who Killed Me". Think it's a rather dumb movie now. It's like some porno movie that doesn't really make much sense. So you still want to watch Ratatouille? Haha. & i'll find some proper milk candy for you that doesn't taste like the white rabbit ones-.-

Feel damn bored. Think i'll go jogging tommorrow at 6? Haha. Nothing else better to do-.-

10:33 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogging from back home again? haha. Yeah! I finally did some studying today! & i went out with my girl finally. Thought that i was going out more often with aetii for a moment. LOL.

Met her for lunch & studied at Burger King. Left there at 3+? Then wandered around parkway before going into cold storage. Haha. Told you that they'll check our IC-.-

My mom's sick too. Well, hope both my mom & darling get well soon then! Going to watch Ratatouille with bojun & joshua tommorrow!!! Like finally i can watch it! Haha.

Yeah i know i owe you the chewy ones. You'll get them after you're recovered. Haha.

1:08 AM

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hello..i'm at the burger king outside parkway parade now..supposed to be studying,but i guess i'm taking a break?haha.
It's my 1st time using my handphone to blog too!lol..don't know what to write..shall continue studying then..bye!

2:12 PM

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