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Friday, June 20, 2008

That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) - Panic At The Disco

3 days left.

Until my term tests that is. Yet i can't seem to get myself to study. Somehow i'm feeling a bit bored too. Was just telling lame jokes to my buddies online. Oh yeah, i've brilliantly twisted my left knee playing soccer, just like Franck Ribery, although mine isn't as bad as his.

Yeah, my face had the same expression when my knee popped.

Spent the last 3 days rotting at home because i just can't move around without my knee protesting in pain. Okay, i shall not whine about it, since i 'sort of' tried promising sage that i won't complain about being so helpless. But this one thought just keeps running through my mind: would i ever be able to play soccer in the same way as i did before?

Well, since i didn't spend my time at home studying, i must have done something right? So i spent the 3 days reading Inuyasha. I know, it's not like me to read manga, but it's just that i've been addicted to that particular manga since i was in secondary school. Anyway, it finally ended after 12 years. Like wow, the ending made me feel somewhat weird. Never mind.

I'm so looking forward to MEL camp. And i'm so happy i didn't have to go to the 'No Apologies' workshop. Hello, i'll be like sleeping since the talk was like telling us not to do anything 'wrong' while we were in the cruise? Or rather, that was what my senior told me. And my parents would be going Hong Kong with my sister after i come back, but they won't let me go! NOT FAIR!!!

11:59 PM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Cant Hate You Anymore - Nick Lachey

Home Sweet Home

Yeah. I'm back from Guilin. Starting to miss my uncle and aunt already. They're such nice people really. And i just found out that both my uncles were actually the founders of the hotel!

Spent one week there. And i bought tons of stuff. Spent like 700RMB? But at least i enjoyed myself there. I'm too tired to type, so i shall just post some of the pictures i took!

Apparently, only VIPs get this fruit basket at my uncle's hotel. i feel so priviliged.

Got my running shoe and leather shoe finally!

Why are there bronze statues in the middle of the road?

Yeah, i've got small feet.

No, i wasn't supposed to be there. my sis wanted to take the bridge.

2:54 AM

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Shelter - Corrinne May

Just slept the whole day. Going out to buy stuff for the class outing tommorrow. I really hope that most of the class would turn up.

Leaving Singapore for Guilin on saturday. I'll finally be taking an SIA flight after so many years. Yeah. Brings back memories of me as a kid spending the whole time onboard the plane playing the built-in games. That was when i was in Primary 5? Not like mr. aetiiqcaz who gets to go overseas on an SQ flight every year. And yes! i just realised that i'll get to step into Terminal 3 for the first time in my life. Sorry, i'm that sad. But anyway, hope i'll enjoy myself there.

I'm still feeling so lethargic. Think i'm not getting enough sleep because i'm like addicted to reading Inuyasha so badly that i can read it all the way till 3am? Gosh. Never mind. Going out now anyway. Bye!

3:00 PM

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