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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah, i want Eduardo to get well quick and help arsenal kick some ass again. Just saw the video on YouTube showing his freak accident and i've only got one thing to say, it's damn sick. No wonder some people feel that Martin Taylor should be banned from football. I wonder how he'll ever have the guts to tackle another footballer IF he doesn't quit football.

On a lighter note, i've stopped working. Take it as i'm having a break from being a sleep-deprived Souperman but i still can't quit-.- And so far, i'm enjoying my well-deserved break. Going out to catch Meet The Spartans later, though i really want to watch Jumper. And i guess we'll be having a Paragon Soup Spoon outing this saturday night? Will be playing pool overnight i guess.

And i get to learn Capoeira! Finally settled on an agreement with my parents, given that i pay for the fees myself and i've got to pass my marine engineering course. Yep, i got into the Marine Engineering course at Singapore Polytechnic!

3:57 PM

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yeah, work sucks. Having a terrible week at work so far, though it's only the 2nd day of the week. Basically it's because of me, C, H and Z.

Don't bother reading this unless you think you can understand working life. But anyway, it started yesterday when i went to work. Everything was alright, even after H came and Z told me to do floor because H was not as good at counter as me, when she only started work 4 days later than me-.-

Nothing really went wrong after that, except that customers were complaining among themselves that the counter was doing a really slow job and that H did not full understand what they wanted to order. Decided not to say anything until ZX came. But nothing was really wrong after that until closing when i told H that she wasn't really mopping the floor, only coating the floor with a thick layer of water such that i could slide across and do the moonwalk like Micheal Jackson. Instead of admitting her mistake, she told me that she'll complain to the manager if i dirty the floor. FINE. I decided to shut up and mind my own business. But it so happened that i needed to walk across that area once more to put the trays back. And guess what? Yes, I slipped. Almost fell backwards but my ankle caught on the BMS, swinging me forward. Thank God the BMS was off because my whole weight slammed onto the BMS. That did it. Out of my mouth went the magical words, 'FUCK MAN! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU MOP THE FLOOR LIKE THIS?' H decided to act innocent and disappear home after that.

But that wasn't the end. H only did her part of the closing halfway, so i had to cover her ass and finish her job as well. Pretty much pissed all the way home. And guess what again? My pay was even less than H's when i worked so much harder!

Then there was today. I came to work and found C with a black face. Why? Because out of everything i had done, i had forgotten to refill the pepper shakers. So scolded i was. Fine. Then along came H. Off to the floor for my duty again, this time even without a reason. So i thought to myself that maybe the 3 ladies just want to be alone. Then i overheard another customer complaining. This time, it concerned the whole counter. He said that the counter staff were moving slowly, creating a long queue and they even ignored the customer when their turn to order finally came. Fine, maybe my blood pressure went up a little over this because the people there included a supervisor and the manager. Then, it had to go up even more, because C decided to walk over and hint me that my floor was too slow and that i should wipe the tables after i clear the plates. WHAT THE HELL? Didn't she realise that one moment after i clear the table, a new order comes out, then the next moment another customers leaves the place, creating more plates for me to clear. Sure, i'm guilty of not wiping the tables immediately after clearing it, but where do i find the time when i've got to wipe the cutlery with a bloody wet cloth?

Then there was H and the chips on the tags. To me, even if you're older than me, i think you should still listen to me when i've got some useful tips for you. But no, H turned a deaf ear when i told her to clear the chips from the tag when the customers paid. So C found out about the chips after a while. When i get scolded for not topping up the pepper shaker, why was she not reprimanded for leaving the chips there? Instead, C could actually jokingly talk to her about it. Then Z screamed at me for going into the kitchen when i was packing some customer's half-eaten food-.-

Everything has a limt. And this is it. In fact, my anger is already bubbling out of control. I just feel my temper having an even shorter fuse as i work everyday. So i've decided to quit, since william has also left and i'm getting such treatment at work.

10:29 PM

Friday, February 01, 2008

Don't really feel like blogging today. But since i was going to add cheryl's blog to my links, i might as well spend some time here.

Well, got some good news to share. The renovation at my house is done! Like finally. And the poor guy who stood in for the contractor's about to lose his job because he did a real bad job, causing my parents to complainto Mr Charlie, who's the contractor, of course. So i spent today watching Charlie getting all his professional workers to clear up the mess.

That's the only good news i guess. Maybe it's because i'm in a rather foul mood today. No idea why, just got off the wrong side of the bed? And there's no song for today's post because the website's down. I think it's being updated or something? But i can't read the french words shown-.-

Goodnight then. Got to get up early tommorrow because i've got work at 11.30am and i'm meeting Jon Lai first because he's got work too.

Please Lord, get me into marine engineering at SP! Amen.

1:08 AM

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