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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sian...@ my bro's house now because i wanted to type and send the stupid transparency thing to muneira...but my monitor burned out...sian...think i'm going to do all my homework @ his house 1st before i go home for dinner...dunno when i'll blog again...need to get my com repaired 1st...

4:28 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Went to TKGS in the morning for choir...saw Victoria...haha...she's the choir president for TK choir...

Had practice while mr. yong kept saying that i purposely styled my hair to attract girls when my hair had always been lik that so far, so i told him i dun need to know any girls there...then he say that i got girlfriend in that school to the whole choir. was singing some song halfway when this TK girl walked into the the whole choir started looking at me and saying my

Went back to TECC Mac for lunch after that with the choir comm when i had planned something else but never dared to ask...haha....wanted to go robert's house but he wanted to be a nerd went home & slacked...

Robert decided to do the geog hw with me after i got to summarise this whole chunk of super american slang stopped a lot of times then gave up because of baby Megan...she kept climbing up & down the stairs just to hug me then crawl back to her dad...

Just finished the english blog...was typing about Sam then i felt all so sad & emo again...sigh...i miss him...wonder how he's doing up in heaven now...haha...hope he's having fun...

Got A math tuition with mr. lim tmw & meeting yuhan, tryphena & darren to do the english project after that...think i'm going to bed soon...cheer up to that someone who is always so depressed!!!there's more to life than being so sad & angry all the time ya?Goodnight!!!

12:28 AM

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm bored...listening to 987fm's top 20 songs countdown on radio now...falling asleep cause the songs are not really that nice anymore...haha...trying to read Eldest too...but it's even thicker than my A math textbook.

Had stupid SOP today, so i didn't bring any books except my HCL & english, but ended having lessons until recess...fortunately, there wasn't a need for the textbooks...haha...

Then stayed back after school & helped bo & his group in their Eng project (even though i'm not from their class...). Played bball after his group completed it...played until like 4+ when my arms totally no strength left then went home...

Had dinner just now @ early...but i shan't complain cause my mom scolded me autistic last time when i complained that dinner was too early...haha...attempted to play hero siege but my com can't host the game...sian...

Feel like sleeping, but i wanna watch Supernatural later!!! its like the only show that i watch on tv every week! Going to sleep after that cause i got to be in school by 8 tmw morning, then go TKGS...cannot oversleep by 50min like last week!!!LOL...

9:16 PM

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just got home from the teachers match in school...super sian cos we kena thrashed like ard 10 - 3...izham scored like dunno how many lah,while i only scored a pathetic 1 goal & got like 5 stud marks imprinted onto my leg becos of mr

Feeling super lethargic now,still got to study for my A Math retest tmw...think i'll flunk it lah...super no motivation to just 1 thing to say:

What happened last year is alr last year lah
plus it happened on a FRIDAY,
& i really was with my friend when u kept sms-ing me,
& the fact that zax joined us after that i also didn't know lor,
yet u blame me
& dun think ur relationship is much more complex than mine lah,
because u just think i can't understand urs
while mine was like a 'funfair'
& please lah, i didn't go offline deliberately last night lah, is my bloody internet got disconnected lor, dun blame me for everything lor, u think its easy being your fren & his fren @ the same time ah?accompany 1, offend the other. WHO U THINK I FREAKING AM?

7:54 PM

Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling super hyper now cause my lunch contained a lot of sugar!!!my lunch was the b'day cake from my niece's b'day ytd, a bowl of choc-chip ice cream & a cup of banana milk!!!lol...

Got a new song for my blog. its not really a new song but i could only find it ytd night, so i've been hooked to it all day already.

Math test tmw!!!yet i don't even know what i'm going to be tested now i quite addicted to playing warcraft when i really disliked it like 1 year ago.

Think i'd better start doing some studying cause it seems like everyone else already so kan chiong for 'o's yet i still playing around so much, + i got soccer match like every week...last 2 weeks was against 4r1 (which my class won both times), this week against teachers, next week against school alumni...scared i going to get injured...haha...

4:15 PM

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogging while its the commercial of so u think u can dance...hahaha...i think their dances are so nice this season

Went to library with aetii after sch today...met at least half of loyang FC while making our way there...

Went TM after that & rotted there with aetii until like 4.30 around there then went home...

Going back downstairs to watch so u think u can dance!!!

9:01 PM

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Got nothing to do again...or rather i still dun want to study even though i'm already sec 4 & my mom keeps nagging asking why i'm so free to slack...hahaha...think i'm going to die horribly for my Os...

Went for tuition just now in the morning & my tuition teacher told me not to play around anymore since i'm sec4 when my tuiiton ended...i gave him a sian look & he just laughed & walked out of the

Got school again tmw...not really so sick of school like last year actually...guess is because this is the last year i might see them?who knows what happens to all of us after that?sian...thinking too much again...haha

Going to rot somemore...maybe even find enough motivation to study...put this song on my blog cause it's really old & was my fav. song 10yrs ago!!!lol

7:01 PM

Friday, January 05, 2007 nothing to do...want to go out also dunno go where...sian...think i might juz go library borrow books...shall go out

3:20 PM

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