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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yeah. Laugh at my hair now, because it's going to grow back to normal in a month's time. LOL. And even though i like Arsenal, i'm seriously not trying to look like William Gallas (google him if you don't know who i'm talking about).

Had to wear my cap to school today. At least it wasn't as bad as i thought. Some people even thought it was cool. All thanks to that stupid hairdresser who can't tell the difference between mullet and mohican.

That's Mohican, NOT Mullet. (And that's Gallas.)

Anyway, i think i'd better go to bed since i've got a lecture at 8 again tommorrow. Iron Man on friday! And i still need to photocopy the applied mechanics lecture notes together with the lab sheet for the electric curcuits for the whole class! Bloody hell!

12:26 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Maroon 5"

Do you mean all the things you are?
Are you pleased with the way things are?
Wear that dress to protect this scar,
That only I have seen.
Do you give just to please yourself?
Do you wish you were somewhere else?
Justified all the things you tried,
said that it was all for me.
And be near,
Just for the moment,
Stay here,
Never go home.
Did you know that everything she ever does is for you?
So it goes, the story of a broken heart comes true,
It comes true.
Have you learned all the secrets yet?
Will you burn by the things I've said?
Took the dive just to feel alive,
but never heard the truth.
Now I'm in love but I don't know how
I'm in pain cause I want it now
As I sit watching her eyes close,
I slowly open mine.
And be near,
Just for the moment,
Stay here,
Never go home.
Did you know that everything she ever does is for you?
So it goes, the story of a broken heart comes true, comes true.
I am so confused by this.
I know that life is hit or miss.
Days are stung by too much sun,
I think that you may be the one.
Cover yourself up in me,
Shrouded in what could have been.
I will listen to your pain,if you listen to me.
Did you know that everything she ever does is for you?
So it goes, as the story of a broken heart comes true,
Did you know that everything she ever does is for you?
And I know, the story of a broken heart comes
Come true,
It comes true,

11:05 PM


Nope, i'm not going bananas, i'm just nana-ing away at Gwen Stefani's 'Rich Girl' on the radio. No songs still for this post, since imeem's still screwed up. I'm just going to blog now so i can give myself the excuse that i no longer have any reason to use the laptop and go to bed! Otherwise i'll only end up playing solitaire and minesweeper on the computer.

Happy birthday Darren! Hope you seriously liked your birthday surprise from aetii, robert, brandon and me! Anyway, i'm so sorry i haven't got any time to get you a present yet.

Life's getting more stressful by the day. I'm so scared i'll screw up my scholarship now because i just can't seem to understand anything that's going on during lessons. Got to stop having so many distractions around me. Fancy me trying to be a nerd. The sky would probably drop down, judging from the crazy lot of activities i have now like the volunteer work, mentoring programme, and soon to come, cca. Damn.

Had a rather slack day in school today. Was late for applied mechanics practical because i just couldn't find the super well-concealed lab. Ended up being guided there by clara, who was late as well. Ended at 9.30, so i had nothing to do until 1. Had planned to go through my electric curcuits notes once more, but ended up slacking with eugene, hong ming and wilson before joining zul, syamil and haiqal to play pool. Had basic safety training after that. It's like one of the few lessons, other than marine engineering knowledge, which i seriously enjoy because i can actually understand what's going on. Had programming after that. It's like so crazy, since they just keep teaching new stuff, so how on earth am i supposed to understand the coding for something that i previously learned when there's no revision?

Ok. Done with my ranting. Shall go sleep and get my hyper-ness back for tomorrow, since there's not only the practical until 5.30, there's still lollipop at MOS after that. So, GOODNIGHT!

9:48 PM

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yeah, there's some big drama going on in my house. Started since last night really. That's because my baby niece got the hand-foot-mouth disease. Since then, my parents have been busy disinfecting the whole house, even at midnight yesterday, because my sister's family stayed over on Saturday.

Got woken up this morning by my parents who were washing the cushion covers and sweeping/mopping the floor. Had breakfast and went out for lunch with my mom almost immediately after that(wonder why she thinks my stomach digests food so quickly).

Had my applied mechanics lecture again. I swear it's going to kill me soon enough. I just can't understand the stuff the Win's teaching! And the whole class were like from pure science classes while they were in secondary school, so they're all thinking how come i'm the only person on scholarship in the class, yet i don't understand anything. Thankfully, there's still Sage who doesn't understand anything either :x I mean, at least i don't die from it alone.

Had the electronic curcuit practical after that. Almost killed myself during the experiment by pulling out the live wire together with the multimeter i was using to measure the voltage. And guess what? The entire curcuit board runs on 380V of electricity and not eight 1.5V AA batteries! So the wire actually sparked when one end got disconnected from the curcuit, which caused my whole station to short curcuit. My goodness! This is the 2nd time i've seen this, the 1st being the time when my sister switched on the power to the computer when i was still plugging in the wires. Scared xue bing and hong ming too. But at least we completed all the curcuits at the end of the period.

Well, it seems like imeem's still screwed up, so i still can't post any songs here. And no other website seems to have the song i'm looking for. Well, i'll just post it here next time imeem is up again. Get soon quick Shyane! I still want to carry you around and listen to your chuckles and 'singing'!

11:30 PM

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long long day

Yawn. I'm tired. Slacking now when i can sleep really. Just spent the whole day taking care of my 2 nieces since i woke up in the morning. At least now there's my brother-in-law and my sister who are taking care of them while they're sleeping.

Just had my 1st week of poly life. I would say it was quite a fun experience, but having obtained the scholarship, i find this heavy responsibility being placed on me by myself to actually try very hard to perform well. Besides that, i'm somehow the class representative for my class. Take my role as being the class committee that one would have in their secondary school class, which means i'm the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer all in one. And not forgetting the very nice syamil who is the beloved assistant class rep who practically doesn't do anything. Well, i guess this is just God's way of testing me and letting me gain the leadership skills that i would most probably need when i start my marine life.

Seems like my scholarship's under Pacific International Lines(PIL). And my scholarship cash is only going to come through in June. That's a very long time, especially with all the stuff and courses that i have to pay for now. And unfortunately for me, the company only took in 2 scholars. Also, i heard from my senior that they rarely put 2 singaporeans on the same ship, which could be good, since that will give me the chance to know more people actually. So now i just have got to wait till June before i'll have enough cash to get the Volcom bagpack i was looking for.

Well, i got to go to bed soon. Going to meet bojun and cheryl tommorrow morning after such a long time! And then they're going to teach me some physics which i need to know because applied mechanics is just such a killer sometimes!

1:30 AM

Thursday, April 10, 2008

From Zack back to Isaac

Wow. Just spent exactly 2 days hooked onto Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Yeah, Zack's the main character in the game, so i was practically him since yesterday. The song's from the game too! Anyway, back to reality, since Zack's dead-.-

Going to miss part of tommorrow's Flag Day since i've got to be at SGH early in the morning to remove the stitches from my wisdom tooth operation. Thinking of how i should start my donation collecting after that. Well, i'll think about that tommorrow.

Also, I've got my TMSS scholarship!!! That means i've secured my way to becoming a chief engineer! Seems like my interview wasn't as pathetic as i thought. But that also means that i've got to buck up in school when term starts, which is actually just next week.

Going to bed then. But now i feel so hyped up about final fantasy. Feel like playing another version. Too addictive. Well then, i shall just look forward to the new final fantasy series when they come out on psp then. I'll have money to go to The Click Five's concert!!!

12:59 AM

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh No!

The surgery for the removal of my wisdom teeth is tommorrow. Feeling so scared now. Better talk as much as i can now before my mouth swells up for the next few days and i wouldn't be able to talk then.

Well, i very obviously didn't get the TMSS scholarship since i didn't go for the interview yesterday. Wasn't even informed about it. Would try again next year? Got to study hard 1st i guess.

Going out again. Enjoy this song then. Maroon 5 is still stuck in my head! Even bought 'Friday the 13th' yesterday and blasted it on my sound system back home. Now i'm just going to get my hands on 'The B-Side Collection'. I'm late! BYE!!!

4:53 PM

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