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Monday, June 26, 2006

whoa!!!1st day of sch le!!!haha...felt like it was only a week...@ least i enjoyed my stay in pan pacific hotel & the choir camp...haha...

changed my blog song 2 PANIC! At The Disco's song called 'i write sins not tragedies'...been looking 4 it...its quite a dark song lah...but i like it!haha...

had a boring day in school where i was nearly asleep most of the time...need 2 buck up!!!haha...anyway rahim & jiajin went 2 my hse aft sch 2 start wif the chem project...found something useful which came from hong kong...@ least this isn't taking as long as i expected it to...haha

goin 2 slp le...tmw still got 2 go sch...ltr get scolded by my mom again...haha...bye!!!

11:20 PM

Saturday, June 24, 2006

haha...blogging again after choir camp...super tired...still feel like slp-ing leh...but the camp went very smoothly and i hope that every1 there enjoyed it!!!haha...& guess wat?jonk is the new choir president!!!haha...feeling a bit lame lah...going back 2 tuition @ 10 tmw...sch starting soon!

11:20 PM

Monday, June 12, 2006

haha...finally blogging again aft wat seems like a million yrs...hmm...2day woke up @ 10...went downstairs 2 read newspaper...den went out @ 11 to meet my mom @ tamp library cos she wanted me 2 carry my dad's company files 2 the accountant somewhere in chinatown...she drove 2 a carpark there where i saw a crazy thing...the parking rate is $1 every 30 min!!!

sat in a corner of the meeting room while my mom discussed stuff with the accountant...then me & my mom went 2 katong 2 eat katong laksa...taste good sia...den went strolling ard marine parade waitin 4 some1...aft that went 2 east coast park de mac & went home aft dat...

reached home then played maple...haha...start from noobie again...whoever plays can add me as fren?my character name is 'sunwalker'...haha...goin 12 le!!!tmw got 2r5/05 class outing!!!plus ltr got czech against USA!!!i wanna watch!!!see ya!!!

11:53 PM

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