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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finally, rest.

his mistakes (i cant win) - usher

Holidays are here finally. I'm feeling so tired from having to wake up early in the morning everyday just to make it for the 8am lectures.

Went to school with yunheng today. Bumped into junyi at the mrt platform. Had actually planned to have a nice talk with yunheng alone on the train, but slept anyway since we had company. Real tired i guess, because i slept like a log all the way to Dover. Had applied mechanics lecture and IDEA, but i wasn't paying attention throughout.

Had lunch with the usual people, then i went off to the clubhouse to rot until 4. At least there were people going in and out of the club, so i didn't feel that lonely. Thanks fushli for lending me $2, but i didn't use it in the end because i just feel so weird borrowing money from others when i'm on scholarship, although i haven't gotten a single cent from them yet.

Finally had my deed signed. I swear i'm going to work hard, because now i know i'll never forgive myself if i put iswandi and his family into hot soup if i screw up. And i want to thank him so so much for placing his trust in me by being my surety even though we only got to know each other through work.

This is going to be a short entry because there are just so many things going through my mind now, which is why this post is accompanied by an emo song by Usher. Going to get myself plenty of rest this weekend. Looking forward to my 'date' on monday, as well as the class outing on friday. Then i'm going to guilin to visit my aunt and uncle! Heard they just came home from the US today after 3 months. I miss them so much, since the last time i saw them was like 2 years ago, and so much has happened since.

1:12 AM

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Let Just Be (Unreleased) - Ne-Yo

So tired. Just played a match over at Yio Chu Kang Stadium earlier in the evening. Damn. we lost again. No wonder the lecturers all say that the referees are biased. They don't even let us play advantage!

Anyway, just had a boring day in school because i only needed to attend a tutorial at 11am. But anyway, had my PBL discussion after that until 2pm. Then i left school with syariff and jamond for the RECAAP forum. Reached PSA Building half an hour early, so we decided to rot in the lobby while jamond went home to change. There was a book fair in the middle of the lobby, so syariff and i went to browse through the books. Well, they all looked boring, until we stumbled upon this very 'colourful' guidebook. Trust me, it really is a guide book. Only that the title was something like 'the most illustrated guide to sex techniques'. And those weren't illustrations on the cover, they were photographs of couples tangled together. Damn! The book only costs $5!

Let's not stray away. Went for the forum. Drank like 2 cups of tea before the talk. I feel so bad for the speaker, but yeah, i still fell asleep when the talk started. At least i was, until the caffeine took over. At least i was smart enough to take the brochures given out, so now at least i can use them for my individual report writing assignment. But hey, being on the 40th floor really pumps your adrenaline when the place has glass windows for walls and even a balcony! And the sea view was great from there.

yeah, it's that high.

that's part of my class, together with 1A/01 people.

10:39 PM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Always Be My Baby (Studio) - David Cook


Yeah, i'm lagging quite a bit because only now am i 'celebrating' that David Cook won American Idol and that Manchester United won both the Premier League and Champions' League.

Think i'm falling sick soon. Seem to keep losing my voice very often everyday for a few times. No worries! Holidays are just a week away, then i'll be able to sleep to my heart's content. But i'm going to keep this post short anyway since i'm rather sleepy.

First of all, i want to scold stupid keejin. If you want to get sage's number, don't 'bluff' me by saying you know her. Damn. Almost made her mad when she realised she just received a message from a stranger who got her number through me.

Anyway, i still don't get what's going on during the programming lesson, so i don't see how i'm going to get through that module. And i just found out that after C# and Excel for this year, i still have Flash for next year! Somebody teach me to be a computer geek.

And then there's the scholarship. Damn, they really are kind of last minute. Announcing the dates to sign the deed on the week itself? How am i supposed to get Iswandi and his sister to make themselves free? And stupid Soup Spoon can't see that Iswandi requested an off-day on Friday. Anyway, i've got to think of a way to thank them so much for helping to be my surety! And now they're giving a talk on piracy. It would have been a great help to my presentation if this was made 2 weeks earlier. But i shan't complain since i still can use the information for my individual report.

Well, this isn't much of a blog post. It's more like a mass complain and rant post. And i'm too tired to do anything else. There's still MEK tommorrow. And i want to get into the SMAC football team. Not that i think i'm superb, but i guess i just love football too much! But seriously, i think SMA has too many strikers? Well, i can always go for the midfield, where i would only be too small-sized because i'm too short? We'll see when the trial date draws closer. Hmmm, i'm thinking of going back to my wordpress blog. Starting to miss the ability of locking my posts and having the freedom to type my mind out without having to worry about exposing the skeletons in my closet to the whole wide world.

12:25 AM

Monday, May 19, 2008

Work, Stress, Anger

Relax. I'm not pissed like in the previous post. I'm just feeling very tired. As in sleep kind of tired. Although i've only been awake for 5 hours. Anyway, the song's 'Say It Again' by Marie Digby. Kind of addicted to slow paced songs these few days. Maybe it's because everything's moving too fast for me.

Woke up at 1pm. My first thought? 'Shit!' Why? I set my alarm at 11.40am so i could rush the report writing presentation. So fine. Brushed my teeth and started work. Stopped for lunch when my mom came back, then off i went again trying to complete it. Stupid ling zhen had to include 19 slides just to emphasize his points. I know 19's my favourite number, but not when it means i have more work to do.

Then the funniest thing happened. While i was having a 'break', i decided to remind my class about handing in the MEK file tommorrow. But i didn't have jiaying, kenneth, jie liang and sun chao's numbers. So i tried getting the people to tell them. Well, it seems like nobody has got the 3 guys' numbers. But now i think poor jiaying received tons of reminders from her girlfriends! Okay, that isn't funny, but it's amusing to a guy who just spent the whole day facing a laptop screen.

Guess i'm too tired to continue blogging. Suprisingly, my body doesn't ache after i tried pushing myself to swim 10 laps yesterday. Maybe it's because i spent half of the time slacking with duwi at the corners of the pool. Gah. I can't sleep yet. Still have to study for the programming test on thursday. At least i've got my sister to help me.

6:00 PM

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm sweet!

Yeah, i'm real sweet. Seriously, that's why i've got so many mosquito stings that are so damn itchy. Fine, that wasn't funny. I think i'm just stressed out from all the childish conflicts and arguments my group is having just from the report writing project, so please excuse me because i'm going to rant my heart out on this post so i can sleep. Why is it just so hard for us to work together without having to give such crude remarks? I don't care if the whole conflicts just over a girl or some stupid racism idea you have in your mind, but we have to at least stick together until we're done with this project, or better yet, until we swap classes next year!

Just played freestyle with the usual gang. Sorry guys, but i guess i just didn't have the mood to play properly. Damn i feel so irresponsible. What on earth happened to my volunteer work at FSC? I've been keeping my mouth shut for a month now. Keep telling myself to let the family service centre and Madam Wong know about the sunday timeslot once i've settled down. But i've just been procrastinating week after week. And what on earth happened to the mentoring programme i volunteered for? I don't know anything about how Eric did for his math, while i haven't even met Syafiq and Hamka, let alone know how their science did.

And then there's my class. Sure, we're bonding like a class now. but how about you, W? Grow up! Yeah, that's right! You don't have to get so bitter just because of a girl. You're only spacing yourself away from the class.

I want to go for the MEL Camp. But then there's my bronchitis. Now i can only hope the board allows me to go even though i've got that 'health problem'. I want my good results so i don't screw up my scholarship, but what am i doing playing my life away everyday? Why am i trying so hard to be Mr. Perfect, only to find myself dropping further and further away from my aims?

Fine. I'm done ranting. Thinking of going swimming tommorrow. But i'll decide again when i wake up. Goodnight then.

2:41 AM

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just finished bathing. I'm so tired, and i still have workshop practical tommorrow. Anyway, i have no idea how come i'm addicted to Jason Mraz's 'You And I Both', as you can see.

Many things happened today. But i'm obviously not going to mention everything. I just hope i can remind myself to wear that dental plate every night, otherwise i'm going to spend a fortune again on the dental surgery. At least i got my dentist to let me extend my deadline to September when i met her for my dental checkup yesterday. Made me emo all the way home after that by taking 12 all the way from SGH to my house. Actually made me feel much better, maybe because i spent the time on the bus just thinking and reflecting what has really been happening so far. Frankly, i don't know what i've been doing or even thinking about all this while.

Anyway, back to today. Wore a shirt to school with Zul today because he just wanted to look different from all the SMA people. Guess we really stood out. Maybe it's just because i decided not to wear my cap out today. And for once, i seriously studied during my ECCT tutorial. Did the tutorial exercises for the first 3 chapters. Got some questions still, guess i'd better ask Zul about them.

Had basic safety training lecture after that. Tried to pay attention, though today was mostly about showing us the different fire-fighting equipment. Getting excited about my fire-fighting practical course at SCDF Academy next week! Released an hour early, so the whole class went to Concourse to slack. Many things happened after that, but i'm shall not reveal anything. Anyway, my dearest xue bing bing, please cheer up yeah? Got me rather traumatised.

Had the usual programming lesson and off i was to my capoeira lesson. Learnt many new things today, but i don't know how to write portugese, so i can't say what i learnt. And i'm not going to get my parents to sign that form because they seriously object my decision to join capoeira. Besides, i'm just 3 months away from turning 17! Went off to slack at SMAC after that. Ended up playing PES 2008 with mus and thomas until my psp went flat. Then we kind of played soccer outside the club area again. Indulged in Ben&Jerry's after that. The taste of the strawberry cheesecake is still in my mouth! Slacked there till 9+ before we guys decided to go home. Took the same train home as duwi. He ended up playing jackass on his psp while i slept the whole train ride home. Had cup noodles, a mango , an orange and pepsi twist for dinner.

that's the kind of thing i was doing in SMAC.

Going to bed now. Got to climb out of bed at 5.45am again tommorrow to accompany Yunheng to school. Night then.

12:18 AM

Monday, May 12, 2008

Damn, i'm so tired. Had workshop practical in the morning, spent most of the practical hacksawing my workpiece. Then played cards during lunch break. Loser had to do pushups. I think i got the most in the end. Next was applied mechanics lecture. New chapter, at least this time i kind of get it. Got to go print and do the past year paper.

Had electronic circuits practical after that. Left most of the work to ain and xue bing because i just felt too tired already. Finished like 40 minutes early, so i rotted outside the workshop.

Finally went for my capoeira practice. Think i'm kind of getting used to it now. Ended at 6.30, but i left at 6.45? Went to the clubhouse and found only my fellow year ones there. Did some pretty wild things there like parading the whole area in heels while i was still wearing my track pants and tank top. Think it looks good on me! Too bad i didn't take a photo of it. Played soccer in the clubhouse after that. Wonder whether it was really recorded down on the security camera.

Finally left with wan at 7.45 dressed in what wore for capoeira because i was simply just too tired to change out. Felt a little weird wearing a tank top and track pants out in public. Sat on the floor because there were no seats and we were all tired. Somehow i fell asleep in that position all the way to City Hall. Shifted my butt a little to take up less space and emo-ed away with my psp.

Gosh. Lecture at 8 again tommorrow. Don't know how long more i can last like this before i fall sick. Why's my scholarship taking so long to settle?! Think i'm going to freak out soon. Anyway, the song's "On Top Of The World" by Boys Like Girls. Well, of course boys like girls, but whether Good Charlotte was right to say 'Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money', that's another matter. My brain's so scrambled, i don't know what i'm saying anymore. Well, i shall go sleep then.

10:58 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

That's like my sister's favourite song all of a sudden after she heard it on my handphone. Anyway, i'm just so bored and i can't sleep once again. Think i'm suffering from insomnia?

Went to TJC's choir concert yesterday night. Seems like Bojun's now the most popular guy in school? He was also the lead in the musical! Good for him. Finally met his girlfriend. He got a eurasian girlfriend! (i think?) Bumped into Victor, Sara, Sarah and Jolene after that. It's been like 4 years since i spoke to the 3 girls? But only Victor and i went off to have supper after that. Kept him company till 12+ because he just broke up with his girl. Cheer up bro!

Was rudely disturbed from my sleep in the afternoon by my dad. He was trying to be some bugger by playing his collection of CDs. This time, it was this album consisting of weird songs that sounded super ghostly, even though it was like 1pm.

My sister's family came over at 2. Had lunch and went to Eastpoint with my eldest sister, niece and mother after that to do some grocery shopping. Once again, my sister was trying to be a bitch and took every chance to spite me. Nearly pissed me off, but i managed to keep my cool anyway.

Guess i'll try going to bed now. Don't really know if i should gym tommorrow since i've got capoeira practice on monday. But, i don't know if i should go for the monday practice since i already have to bring my boiler suit and safety shoes to school. Shall think about all those when i wake up.

1:57 AM

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OK, I'm real bored.

What will your Soulmate be like?
Your soulmate will be intelligent and kind. You will be able to tell each other anything.

Your soulmate will always know how to cheer you up with their sense of humour.

Whenever things get tough, your soulmate will stand by you through the worst.

In your life together, your soulmate will help you to become more involved in the world.

Your soulmate will love you because you are a sweet and kind person who is always looking after those close to your heart.

'What will your Soulmate be like?'

Isaac Pills:

Will cause another head to sprout from your body

'What effect do you have on people?' at

Yeah. I haven't got anything better to do. Going to empty the rubbish and sleep after this. Anyway, imeem's finally working for me again, although they still don't have the song that i was looking for. And i got into capoeira for my cca, though my dad still strongly opposes me from going because he thinks that will exhaust me too much.

Damn. I can't make my extra buck trying to sell my gameboy anymore because apparently the sun has been such a killer that it actually blew up the LCD crystals on my gameboy, which was 'safely' hidden away from the sun in my cupboard! And my dad just scolded me for that because my room gets the killer morning sun everyday without fail, so my handphone actually almost got cooked over the weekend while i slept in until the afternoon. Hope it rains real soon, like tomorrow, otherwise i'm going to have an outbreak of heat rash all over my body.

And Zul, i finished the electric circuits tutorial worksheet! Told you i'm going to study. Although i start doing weird things when i study. And i've got white hair! Damn. Someone please pluck those strands off my head before i freak out. Goodnight!

that's how crazy i can get, even though it's only my pencil that's not working.

12:16 AM

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