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Monday, April 30, 2007

Created another blog, but its private, so don't bother. Figured i need a blog where i can just post what i want without others seeing it. Rather sick of people trying to understand me when i don't even know myself sometimes.

4:21 PM

Friday, April 27, 2007

Just had both my english & chinese exam yesterday & today. Felt that the english paper 2 was ok, while english paper 1 was rather hard since i did not really know what to write about. Chinese was not much better since i have not really studied chinese since the day i dropped higher chinese. Cannot imagine what kind of results i'll get, but i hope that i can at least pass.

Went to Tampines Mall after exams today with wei xian, try & cheng yao. Watched them have lunch before we went home. Found my sis watching some hindi movie when i got home. haha. Thought she'll go out play, but she decided to stay home & watch indian movies. LOL.

Then it started raining. Think lightning struck my house again, since my sister's room exploded with a loud bang & bright light suddenly while she was inside. She said the sound came from behind her, which could only be the wall. haha. Like so cartoon. But anyway the circuit board jumped. Had to go to the room where my previous few maids slept. That room also a bit spooky since my house got struck by lightning the previous time where the lights from that room & the porch blew up. Realised my gate also went a bit haywire when my sister couldn't open it. My house like a bit wierd now. haha.

No more choir tommorrow. Think i'll feel a bit wierd since i've been waking up early every saturday for the past year? Anyway my mom wants me to try DSA into temasek junior college. haha. Continue being a choir boy. That is, if they want to take a silver choir boy. Sian. haha. Better go sleep soon. Think i'm falling sick again.

11:17 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Changed my tagboard because my computer somehow just can't view the cbox tagboard. Think this 1 sucks, but i shan't bother so much about it.

Skipped tuition this morning again. Feeling really bored & turned off by my amath tuition already. My mom knows that, but she still thinks that Mr. Lim is the only tutor who can make me improve. PLEASE, i don't need any tutor if i want to improve my studies, i just need to start studying. LOL. Spent the morning doing amath still anyway.

Got home only @ 1.30am this morning after going my bro's house to study. Fortunately BoJun didn't get scolded, only interrogated by his dad because he's dad was shocked that Bo wasn't home before him. Got him home 1st then drove yuhan & yuanlin home. Had to crawl over the front gate before slowly unbolting my door because everyone in my house was more or less asleep already.

Hope yuhan wasn't too traumatised by what happened yesterday. Think james is rather pissed with jon for his actions. Rather shocked that he did that as well.

Mid-year exams is this week!!!& i haven't started preparing for them. Better start studying soon.

Feeling a bit sick after my bro bloody smoked in front of us. Kept coughing after that & now my chest still hurts. Wonder why he still smokes when he knows he's dying & worsening my already bad condition. But i'm rather sick of life anyway.

2:17 PM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeling rather emo again.

Just quarrelled with my parents again over the dumbest thing. Hint: i hate people calling me stupid. Think i'll have to iron my own uniform again later. Feels like my whole family doesn't give a bloody damn about me, only that i get good results for my parents to show off to their friends and relatives. For goodness sake, i'm not some pet or toy for you to play or show off to people, i'm a freaking breathing homo sapien who can feel a whole wide range of very real emotions.

Screamed at my mom about every single thing that i've kept in me for a very long time. But i bet she blames me for every thing that i raised. It's always my fault anyway. Learnt to live with it since i was like a toddler. She doesn't even give a damn about how i feel, only that i study chinese.

Didn't go tuition today. Don't think i'm going to get up early for choir sectionals tommorrow morning anyway. It's quite pointless anyway, since i bet they'll waste most of the time trying to warm up everyone's voice. Then add in the choir talking to each other instead of co-operating with the commitee. But it was hardworking for somebody to think of such an idea.

9:33 PM

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sigh feeling a bit emo now. Realised once again why i dislike having dinner at home with my family today. But i shall 1st blog a bit on yesterday, which was a great day!

Went to sport's day in the morning at jurong stadium. Rotted there till 12+, then met james & went to his house together with bo, yuhan & yuanlin. Explored his house 1st when we reached there. It's like my second time there but i still feel that the house is so gigantic. Went swimming before having lunch, then swam a bit more before washing up. Watched saw3 after that which i feel is rather saddistic. Think that the producer should be closely monitored by the police before he becomes a psychotic killer. He didn't have to create such sick scenes just to get his message across to the people who watch the movie. Jon joined us after the movie.

Had dinner @ 9+ & talked till midnight before deciding to go home. My bro drove the 2 ladies home 1st, who were like asleep in the car even though 4 of us had to squeeze in the back seat. Then he sent bo home before sending me & jon home. Had a very happy & fun day & i want to thank my bro a lot!!!

Now i shall blog about today. Woke up on time for choir. Was actually walking in front of yuanlin all the way from the traffic junction to school but she never noticed it. LOL. Had choir till 1 after that. Met my bro after that who sent bo home before we went to his pasir ris flat where we watched some lame movie. Felt rather emo already before the movie. But @ least the movie was funny, so i didn't feel that bad after watching it. Talked to him for a while before going home.

Had a proper dinner together with my whole family finally, but regretted it later when my whole family started insulting me again. My dad actually called me useless until worse than disabled people. Shan't say anymore since i already feeling so down now.

Sigh...feel that all my close friends are actually so much closer & can understand me better than my family. Glad to have all of you as my 'brothers' & 'sisters'...

Don't think i'm going to tuition tommorrow since i can't finish my tuition homework. Damn sick of him already. My mom keeps calling him to complain how pathetic i am every week, so everytime i go for tuition, i just get more unnecessary scolding. & i know that if i get scolded for not studying a certain subject, i'll lose interest in that particular subject. So now i'm already sick of chinese, while i'm getting a bit tired of amath, although i feel that i can improve more if i can stop this tuition. But my mother lied to me about changing tutor or stopping tuition. Now she says i should just continue with my tutor.

Feel like just giving my whole family a big tight slap across their cheeks for just being so 'encouraging' & 'pleasant' to me.

10:23 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My legs are killing me. But i just tortured my legs the whole day today. 1st i had NAPFA 2.4km run during PE lessons where i only got 11:54min, then luckily i could rest my legs in class for the rest of the day in school.

Went home to take my amath stuff before leaving for tuition. Had to walk to the other further bus stop to take 12. Met brandon, yuanlin & priscilla in the bus. Then WALKED to my tutor's house.

Luckily i wasn't scolded today. Stuffed my COMPLETED homework in his face the moment i reached so he couldn't say anything. Then fell asleep while doing work before going home.

Boarded 12 to go home. UNFORTUNATELY, the bus broke down at the stop just before bedok view sec. Saw this super hot nanyang girl as i got off. Sadly, she had a bloody nerdy & horny boyfriend. Decided to walk to the bus stop with bus9. Took like 15min to walk there & ended up taking 2 home. Had to walk from clement's house all the way back to mine after that.

Still have n-league match against 5c1 tommorrow. Think i'm going to sleep soon so i won't cramp during the match. But i got a feeling i'll cramp later in my sleep.

8:55 PM

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yeah!!! It's 9th of April today!!! What's so special about it? My phone bill ends!!! So i can sms once again!!!

Don't remember anything that happened in school. But only the way D & A were talking after school because my parents just sat at the dining table & talked to each other in almost the same way for like 30 over minutes.

Got nothing much to blog about actually. Just blogging because i changed my blogskin. Chose it to motivate myself to drink more milk so that i can grow taller. Feel so short suddenly. must grow till i'm at least 170cm!!!

10:30 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Yeah. Finally at home tonight. Been out everyday since thursday. Went out with Victor on Good Friday. It's like finally we go out together ever since we graduated from pri.6. He's grown so much taller, so i feel like a shortie beside him now. -.-" Watched 'meet the robinsons' with him & his girlfriend. haha. Felt a bit 'bright' even though it was an outing just between us two guys. But had fun anyway. "Keep Moving Forward"!!! lol. Watched 'sunshine' with my big bro after that, then spent the whole night out wif him, alan, & met a new friend called jay. Reached home @ like 1230 in the morning.

Had choir rehearsals early yesterday morning. Decided to kick paul out of the SYF due to his lousy attendance & attitude. Don't think the choir sang quite well anyway on stage. & there was even drama when a sop fainted. Hope she's okay now. Went home to rot after that until 5.30pm. Went out to meet Jon Lai because he wanted me to go watch concert with him. Saw him dressed like a gay clown. lol. Laughed as soon as i saw him. Took MRT all the way to Toa Payoh Hub. Watched the concert which was a musical called 'Voice'. Quite a nice musical, they actually split the audience into 2 groups, which were 'ELITES' & 'LOSERS'. Saw that our tickets were ELITE tickets. Laughed a lot & the main character, Lyon, actually seems to be playing as Cheng Yao because they behave the same way. haha. The musical ended @ 10.30pm, then Jon & me went to City Hall for dinner. Found all the shops closed & wandered all the way to Suntec where we ate @ McDonalds. Found out that Jon is single but unavailable. lol. Left @ 11.30pm. Found CityLink Mall locked, so we had to search for our way back to Raffles City & found out that we missed the last MRT. Felt a bit trapped in the city but wandered to a bus stop where we took a Night Owl bus back home. Felt like a clubber. lol. Reached home @ like 1.30am.

Skipped tuition with the permission of my mom this morning. Also got her permission to change tutor by the end of this month(: Finished my homework & went out to meet my mom for some chinese 'O' level talk she signed up for. Went to Bradell & had Roti Prata for lunch. Went for the talk after that where i was asleep for most of the time. haha. Pissed my mom off cause she paid $10 for it. But i know what the talk was about anyway.

Got to go back to school tomorrow!!! changed my blog song!!! In love with it now after i heard it on Jon's iPod. Oh bro staying in his gigantic old man's castle this week, & he wants me to invite yuhan & yuanlin need to ask them tommorrow as well.

victor: hey...i updated my blog le!!!
hahaha!! isaac sucks :D: lol my left or to my right?haha...

9:50 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just got home from century square after watching TMNT. Quite a nice show, except that the graphics made me feel as if i was watching it on TV sometimes. Went to Ngee Ann poly before that to watch ARC2007 with bojun, jon & james.

Had tuition in the morning. Starting to feel like i hate this amath tuition already. This is the third consecutive lesson that i got scolded because he bloody thought that i didn't do my homework. Firstly, i will not study if i have to go through scolding, which is why my chinese is so horrible due to my mom's constant screaming like now. Secondly, i bloody did my amath homework! Which is why i'm starting to get fed up with this tuition. Feel so bored every Sunday when i have to make my way to Katong just to get lectured by my tutor. Rolled my eyes @ him today when he was scolding me when i said i left my homework @ home, then he 'offered' to fetch me home so that i can show him my work. Rolled my eyes again & he accused me of not doing my work. Sian. Then he threatened to make me stand on the table for 2hours if i don't do my work again. Lame. I'll just walk out of his house if he maligns me again.

Feel so bored. Got cheated by joshua just now because its april fools' day. So lame. Going to whack him tommorrow! Now i'm just going to avoid my mom's screaming & go sleep...

11:14 PM

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