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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

I'm back home!!! Actually Hong Kong's kind of like Singapore, just a lot more cramped and a whole lot more people. So anyway, i'm not going to blog here because i've decided to change to wordpress.

6:01 PM

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogging from my handphone right now. I'm at the hong kong airport waiting for my flight back home! Had quite a lot of fun the past few days. But there were some really funny incidents, like toursists mistaking me for a local and asking me for directions,while a businessman even tried doing business with me instead of my dad. Well,can't upload any photos right now,but i'm going to do it in my next post when i get home anyway.

9:43 AM

Saturday, September 06, 2008


The Man Who Cant Be Moved - The Script

It's been a long time since my last post. Guess i've just been to hooked onto watching 'House'. Well, i find myself getting a little more sarcarstic everytime i start watching that series. But hey, i find his attitude towards life rather cool, though it did get him into trouble with the law.

Stepped out of my house a few times this week at least. Caught '4bia' on wednesday with anston, chris, angel, serene and her friend. I burst into laughter everytime i watch a supposedly horror movie. Don't know why i find the 'spooky-ness' so amusing. Had dinner with hui tien and aetii on thursday. Okay, i am slightly guilty for my very sarcarstic and rather idiotic behaviour on that day. Then i went to school to settle the amazing race registration just now. Ended up hanging out with the welfare comm. guys in the end at the city.

Well, i guess i'm going to rot at home tommorrow doing some packing and watching more of 'House'. Flying off the Hong Kong on sunday morning, which is my dad's birthday present to me. Love you Dad. And he actually suscribed to cable TV after so many years. But he didn't get the movie and sports package. Well, he did give me permission to get the sports package after 4 months if i pay for it. Got a week to watch all the channels though. So my dad's been hooked onto HBO everyday, while i occasionally switch to Football Channel once every few nights when i'm at home. Wonder why he got the other channels when these are all we really watch, other than the chinese movie channels.

Going to bed then. I've been sleeping around 5am the past few days, guess i'm going to fall sick soon if i continue on like this. I actually even feel a sore throat coming up.

3:07 AM

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Great Rot-Out

David Archuleta - Crush.mp3 -

Okay, i know it's only the first day, but i have to say it. Holidays are bbboooooorrrrrriiinnnnngggg. Especially when it rains on the day that you promise yourself you're going to train for some future triathlon. I swear my inner tube of lard just grew bigger after all that rotting and eating.

Crap. I just realised how really bored i was today. I spent the morning playing a proper computer game. Can you believe it? I actually decided to be a hardcore gamer. Played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Well, now i feel like buying that star wars t-shirt that i saw at HMV on wednesday. But seriously, being a jedi was rather enlightening. It taught me that love leads to passion, which would eventually lead you down the path to evil. Wow. I didn't know that, so i decided to give a shot at getting into a relationship with the main female character in the game. She's hot okay? Her name's Bastila Shan. But anyway, because i decided to make her my 'girlfriend'(well, sort of, because i only kissed her once from randomly clicking on dialogue options) in the game, she became evil in the end and died after that because being the almightly jedi that i'm supposed to be, i had to kill her. So i only have one thing to say, RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVIL. My goodness. The whole world's evil in that case.

Yeah, that's Bastila, my dead girlfriend.

Grew bored of it in the afternoon, so i decided to research on something since some people laughed about it so loudly on the train. And so i admit defeat. I was wrong to say dolphins are related to dogs, so here's the right information. Well that didn't take up the whole of my afternoon, so i decided to catch the Bourne Trilogy after that. That apparently took up the rest of my day, because i've only just finished 'The Bourne Supremacy'. Was planning to catch the third installment, but i've got to be up early tommorrow to celebrate Teachers' Day with the guys back at Ngee Ann. Hopefully the new principal wouldn't be shaking his head in disappointment when he sees me. I seriously wouldn't want him to remember that gay incident at the airport.

And i think i'm starting to become nocturnal just like my hamsters. I can't sleep at night! Maybe it's due to Violet running on that squeaky running wheel. Right, which reminds me that i've got to get a new running wheel for Violet as well as a brand new cage for lazy Timmy.

1:56 AM

Friday, August 22, 2008


One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men

Okay. I know i'm a bit lag again, but i just found out that the Brazil women's football team lost to USA in the Olympic finals due to a very disappointing error and poor refereeing. Anyhow, i'm still a big fan of the Brazilian women's team. Love the way they play. Especially these two ladies.

Cristiane Rozeira de Souza Silva
Marta Vieira da Silva
Now i'd like to see them play against our national MEN's team because i'm quite sure that we'd still get thrashed by them even if we put in our so called 'all-star' team. Why? Because the play from just these two ladies are just amazing. Which of the players in our national team can actually do a bicycle kick the way Cristiane does? Or can any of our 'stars' dribble as good as how Marta does? And guess what? Cristiane's only 23 years old, while Marta's 22.
After seeing them play, i can't wait for my knee to get better. Visit to the sports surgeon at CGH on monday! And i have this weird ambition now. I want to get a hot brazilian girl who can football! And i think Cristiane's hot! That's why she's perspiring. Oh well, never mind me. It's just my head throbbing from my headache.

2:16 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2008


No Woman, No Cry [Tokyo 79] - Bob Marley & The Wailers

I feel old. Oh right. My birthday just passed, so i'm 17. Damn. Wish i was 7 again. Seriously. It sucks more and more as we get older, like somehow we are no longer allowed to think and act the way we wish or we will just be called childish.

Anyway i spent my birthday rotting at home. Didn't go out with anyone as promised, but at least i got this chance to catch up with my dad. And i want to thank the guys for the 2 hamsters, timmy timid and violent violet. Yeah. You guessed it. Timmy's really a coward who's scared stiff of female hamsters, but he's a real sweetie because he's super blur. And he sleeps all day. Anyway, violet's the opposite. She loves human attention, but she also loves to nibble anything and everything when she gets the chance to. Don't worry ain, i haven't forgotten about you. Thank you for the giant paper crane and the keychain.

I want to dedicate this special paragraph to darren for his wonderful birthday gift. Seriously. You want to know his gift? Accompanying me out today to buy sage's birthday present. But yeah, got this chance to catch up with him, though it was just a pathetic 30min before he had to go off to meet alicia. Busy man he is, but i want to congratulate on his 2 years anniversary with alicia which is coming up on the 23rd. Wonder how many people at our age can actually do it like he does.

Well, i doubt i have anything else to say, just want to show serene that my blog isn't in a coma. Actually i was just itching to blog after hearing this song on the radio. Laughed at the title. Then i realised this song's from Bob Marley. Respect man. And this song's to Usain Bolt for winning and beating the world record for the 100m sprint in the Olympics, though the previous world record was only just set by him at the beginning of this year.

9:03 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Prodigal - OneRepublic -

Okay, the title is random. It's actually the surname of this Cameroon soccer player, Gustave Bebbe. What's so cool about it is that you actually pronounce his surname as "Baby". Imagine him introducing himself to some girl with his thick african accent at some pub. Sexy.

I know. I'm supposed to be studying for my Basic Safety Training test tommorrow. But i've just spent the whole day slacking. Well anyway, i had a rather crappy day today.

Had MEK until 12. Wasn't that bad since i was listening to my songs at the corner of the classroom. Decided to hand in my 1 day overdue workshop report after that. Fine, i accept that it's my fault. But it sure was demoralising listening to the lecturer giving you an earful for 30 minutes telling you how lousy your attitude is, that you're a lousy class representative and that he doesn't want your report since it's overdue. So i gave him one of those really pitiful look. Something like this.

Yeah, trust me, i was surprised that my pathetic acting actually saved my butt for once. HE ACTUALLY TOOK IN MY ASSIGNMENT! Maybe it was because my face also had the look like i wanted to tear my report into bits. But he sure did insult a lot more people besides me. Don't worry, i'm not going to let anyone feel like murdering him. And he let me off after giving me 3 intructions: "Eat well, Sleep well, Change your attitude". Well, that sure was enlightening.

Didn't really feel like doing anything after that. So i sent the 2 ladies home. Trust me, i was so bored i took the red line with them.

Reached home to find my dad watching the female gymnastics finals. Wow. They're good. I mean, not just their moves, but their bodies too. Okay, i'm fantasizing.

Watched the olympic soccer matches after that. They were such a bore that even the spectators were boo-ing, the camera man was recording this grasshopper at the side of the field during the match while the referee had to cut the torture by ending the match before the injury time was up. My goodness.

Just watched the 2nd half of the Brazil-China match. Brazil obviously won. They were like playing futsal with a group of violent kindergarden kids. Seriously. They even had time to patch back the grass after they chipped it off. And the China players actually tried doing stepovers in front of the Brazilian defenders. That's like seeing a primary school kid attempting to teach his dad math. I know. It's a random example. But that get's my point across.

Anyway, i'm finally going to study. And guys, take it as i'm begging you. If everyone says they don't want to pay for the chalet because i haven't confirmed the date, there will be no chalet because I won't have any money to book one! Please just bring $20 tommorrow? I'll issue a full refund it anything screws up.

9:47 PM

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